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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Angels dont always have wings!

Meet my friend Pogo.
Pogos daddy is Steve aka "INKER" who is our very talented tattoo artist and very close friend. He been mine for about 18 years, my hubs knew him WAYYYY back in the day.
Anyway, Steve has an addiction and passion for art, recovery (I have his permission to tell you that, Im not breaking his anonymity) good times, fine women....oh yeah and pitbulls!
Lets see theres Pogo, Jake, & Lucy. "Just for today". Steve saves these babies and finds them homes or comes home with him to foster if he or the Sadie Mae Foundation cant, rather than the inevidable euthenasia, gives them second chances at life. Pogo was originally one of his past flames(I meant Pogos mommy was, not Pogo) (hed kill me if I didnt clarify that & ya cant piss your tatty artist off, not when theres still work left for him to do on your arm) but when that didnt work out, she left Pogo with Steve. Thank God for that because Pogo is an amazing dog who I believe is being used to inspire people "ok, me"... who dont believe in their own power of inner spirit, strength and courage.
You see, in the photo of the Pogster, you see hes bandaged up. "NO" he didnt get a tattoo, although thats what we usually look like upon leaving Steves studio, I did yesterday... but Pogo is recovering from an amputated limb. Only a little more than a month ago, Steve became concerned of an awful open wound that wasnt healing on his leg,( Pogos not his) even after several vet visits, medications, lampshades on his neck, (Pogos, not Steve), (at least not since Steves been in recovery)... (that I know of) but Pogo wasnt healing, the infection wasnt responding to the antibiotics. So they came to the devestating decision that to save Pogos life, his front leg would have to be removed!!!
I watch Animal Planet & the success & recovery rate for amputee dogs is pretty amazing, but would Pogo who isnt quite a puppy in age fare his new disability? Oh boy talk about prayer intersession, I had his photo with the old rosarys hangin around it, sprayed with Holy water, lit white candles, and stocked up on big chippies for his recovery, & claimed Pogos healing.
Well yesterday as I pulled myself out of bed, sick w/ depression myself, I knew I had another sitting for work on a tattoo Steve was blessing me with for having "been there" for him(concerning the dogs and a huge fenced in pen, several hours, sore backs and lots a laughs) awhile back (& since I never say no to INKERS tattoos) I went 3 weeks ago for my first 4 hour visit, I felt so sad for Pogo, he was laying on the studio sofa, gooned out of his mind on tranquilizers and phentynal patches for pain, drooling...(Pogo not me) (well maybe a little envy for the meds) but he was so listless and he was all bandaged up hiding drains, and the staples and swollen parts of his painful experience, and those sad eyes.... and I left there 3 weeks ago wondering if it was all worth the pain and fear, and loss of spirit? Well God is Good folks, as if you didnt already know that. When I was waiting for my appt. yesterday, Pogo was pulling up in his daddys car, All excited to see his Auntie Kat,& Uncle Ronnie, as he came "barreling" & I mean BARRELING out of his daddys car trying to show me his bandage free boo boo, OH THANK YOU JESUS!!!! Lord I was weepin away! he was hoppin around....drug free...spirit filled... & other than a goofy limp, he had more spirit in him than he did before this scary ordeal.
I thought immediately "Thank you Lord, thank you for blessing me with Pogos spirit of tenacity, hope of healing" Iwatched him romp around, playing with his Uncle Ronnie, I thought thank you for the message Lord that you presented to me about never giving up when I sometimes want to....thank you for showing me how (thru Pogo) that as long as you never underestimate the power of love and hope, and Gods mercy...theres gonna be healing AND a great "rawhide chippy" at the end of it all. I Angels dont always come with wings...I wanted you to meet one of mine!


kat449 said...

AAAWWW folks, Steve just emailed me THEE most beautiful letter expressing his love and gratitude for my feature on Pogos spirit. But hes another member of the "I cant figure this new computer out club" so Im gonna show him how to leave a comment on future blogs, (maybe even help create his own) but his letter was so touching & I chuckled when he asked me if I knew how to cut, copy, & paste it to my blog???? HAHAHAHA I guess he doesnt know me as well as I thought! I dont know HOW to cut, copy, & paste, remember Steve Im in the same club as you are! well "Kinky Inky" I love you too, Pogos spirit & heart are so big & sloppy cuz of his did good, and God was showing off when He made you buddy! Hugs, Kat Woman

Cookie said...

What an awesome heartwarming tale! (tail?) Pogo will adjust in no time to 3 legs instead of 4 - and I'm sure he knows this was done to save his life. All of our pets have always come from the "pound" and they sense when you save them from what could be the end of their days. I have always thought they were the best pets EVER! Anyway, Kat - thanks for sharing such a great story with your joyful zest!!!

kat449 said...

Cookie Girl...Did you know how truely grateful I am that you and I are sharing and enjoying each others friendship thru blogland?
When I came online a little more than a year ago,& found all of you amazing artists in this Primitive and whimsical doll making community, I got a taste of what real heaven must be like. I lurked on your awesome blog, now the new "Curds & Whey" for months trying to muster the courage to leave a comment. I was kinda star struck w/ heavy hitters like you, Peanut, Blondie, Sherrie, Stacey from Goode Wives...well... "allyall" too many to mention, anyway, to think Ive been blessed with such inspiration, encouragement and friendship with exactly what I was promised when I became blessed w/ sobriety. I was promised... BEYOND my wildest dreams...I just wanted to thank you for your friendship...I wanted you to know how your kindness & humor touch me profoundly...You ROCK my friend...Hugs, Kat

Cookie said...

heck Kat... I bet we share more than you realize!
I once had many ugly addicitons too before God touched my life and changed it - and now.... well, lets just say there is no way you should feel anything but "the love" sister. I'm nothing but an old grunt like the rest of the gang - but we have a trust and faith in a magnificent Savior so that makes us SAINTS too!
woooohoooo can i get an AMEN :)

Jen said...

You always have such inspiring stories..and being an animal lover myself it hit me like a ton of also have the gift of gab my friend you tell great stories! your blog has come a long way good job!