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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Fresh Snow has Blessed Me with Spring!

Poor Kathleens been" sittin on the dock of the bay"...oh sorry, no she hasnt, shes been sittin here by my staircase just patiently, humbly, waitin for me to sew her up some clothes!!! I figures Id better do just that before someone around here called Dolly, Children & Family Services.

But Ive been so busy ya know as Ive shared all along...being sick, being depressed, lettin the house go to...well you know where it goes when youre in bed dyin from the flu.

Hells Bells No wonder Ive been depressed, who wouldnt be if they had this kinda housecleaning waitin on them. This calls for some chemical warfare!

But I wanted to thank you all who prayed & wished me healing thoughts. I had an awesome day yesterday, & I believe it was a direct result of everyones prayers. Being as sick as Ive been, this house needed groceries...lots and lots of pantry, fridge and freezer refills. But before I could even think about doing that, I had to clean the fridge from all the wonderful leftovers and take out food Ronnies been holding down the fort with.The wonderful rush of energy started there, So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Beverly...oh no we didnt... we went to Walmart for canned goods, & cleaning products, then we hit BJs Warehouse & found me some excellent deals. Next off to pay some bills, came home felt like collapsing but I saw little chilly Kathleen just sittin there, so I sat down and whipped her up some threads...

Today I even accepted Ronnies invite to breakfast at Maddies here in town. I came home scrubbed the bathroom, did the usual Saturday morning routine of housework, and laundry, and later were sittin down for some homemade stuffed peppers, salad & garlic bread.. Yummy...
Its been the first time in months that the hubs didnt have to work on a his paying job, but he worked alright...shoveling the 8 inches of fresh snow we were blessed w/ last night and into this morning..

But I have to admit, rather than grumbling about the snow and how ready I am for some spring sunshine and warmth, I did still feel warm knowing the beautiful white purity of the snow reminded me that perhaps its Gods way of whispering to me that fresh white snow might just represent new beginnings...& although the weather may still be frigid, my heart was very much warmed by the heartfelt prayers, private emails, cards, and phonecalls from my dear friends who have been so concerned and surrounded me with their strength until I found some of my own. Thank you all so very much.
So today Im really pretty exhausted physically, but it is such a freedom to feel just that & not the dibilitating sadness I cant even seem to identify. So Today Ill show up for this business of life again, put one foot in front of the other, and know Im not alone. Believing that this will pass. Heck...I even put my commisioned work order of dolls aside for the day, so I can whip up a big silly wabbit Ive had haunting me to Im off to see the wizard... Oh, no Im not... Im off to work on my wabbit!


BittersweetPunkin said... always make me chuckle...I'm sorry you haven't been well but GLAD to hear you are better! Love your Dolly..and your comments...too cute! I have scads of housework to do too..I was hoping to do some sewing but maybe tomorrow...I was barely able to get time to get on the puter and do some visiting!!
Take care!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Look how happy she looks now that she's not neked anymore! She's adorable!
Keep that positive attitude darlin'! :> )