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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Theres No place like home!

Well everybody....Looky here I keep clickin these old ruby slippers cuz Im trying to find my way home, but I was lost for awhile in sickee-ville!
I thought for sure I was buyin the farm this time.
As many of you know this nightmare began with the exhausting symptoms of whats considered a (hep c flare up). Since my immune system was comprimised from this, I ended up catching this flu, which turned into "Acute Bronchial Pneumonia" so 9 weeks of goin down hill fast. No wonder I was feeling depressed.
Unfortunatley Im not medically insured until July 1st, so rather than pedal backwards financially, I tried my best to wait it out and take care of myself with otc methods.
But as my hubs said as I finally gave him the medical reigns on Saturday night as we bundled me up and drove me to the local ER defeated and resigned that "this wasnt getting better but worse, and its bigger than both of us, we needed help!"
The good news is that yesterday I felt like the grim reaper could go find some other victim cuz it wouldnt be me. Keep steppin Grave Digger!
I woke up yesterday with such a burst of energy, I was feeling euphoric. I drove Ronnie to work, went to the grocery store, straightened up the house, walked the dog, changed the sheets, even made macaroni salad and B.L.T. grinders. When I picked Ronnie up from work, I was rockin out with Led Zepplin and Bad Company while I was driving. I had the shades & leathers on, sister was ROCKIN OUT! I really didnt want to go to bed cuz I was worried that I wouldnt feel the same excitement I felt all day...I was right. Today? not so much...Im pooped!
But I also know that I am on the mend, I just over did it yesterday. Imean I was in bed for 3 days and get up for my last sitting of my tattoo and my computer classes, Id manage the homework, and end back up sleepin for 3 days. Then Id manage to get up and do something else...and back to bed...I was really feeling scared. The depletion and gradual progression of this sickness came upon me and I hadnt realized just how ill I had become. But I thank you all "once again" for your prayers, well wishes, comments, and private emails.
Today, Im going to take it easy. Im actually looking forward in sewing today. I so miss creating.
Ive also got some great news to share, Ronnie had done some welding as a side job for this man who hasnt been able to keep his payment commitment to us. But he is an antique dealer and offered us a beautiful light pine knotted antique dining room table and matching chairs, (nicer than any Ive ever had) and a soft sage and rose floral love seat and sofa, (not antique and much newer than mine) Imagine having a sofa thats not herculon tweed! Yikes...
So because as much as I love someone elses treasures, I still kinda tweak out about...well having someone elses treasures, so the man agreed to have it professionally cleaned for us. I recieved the dining room set and love seat and the sofa gets delievered on Saturday! Ill be sure to show and tell when I take pics.
I really missed being among the land of the living, i missed surfing, posting, creating..i even missed housework...I must have been delerious to have missed that!
Today is my last day of meds and tomorrow I have my Drs, appt. Im not bringing my toothbrush as the Dr, suggested, I am not planning on being admitted.
I thought I was lookin pretty good the other day until I looked in the mirror in the ladies room at computer class, the pasty complexion that hadnt seen sun or fresh air in awhile, my red eyes, raccoon circles and hue of jaundice...with the bigatzu in place... Im just grateful someone didnt toss me a candy bar wishin me a happy halloween! POOR KAT! where did she go?????? No wonder poor lil Opie wont leave my side, hes been on the death watch! well I fired him yesterday! I fired em all. Im comin back!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Rest more...and don't rush it!! Take time for yourself and give your body all the time it needs to recoop....
You are in my prayers..

Doll Artist Deb Wilkinson said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better Kat!



Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Welcome back darlin'! But man, you have got to take it easy or ya just might end up back to square one! Keep pumpin' yourself full of fluids and sleep when ya can. That's when the body heals itself best.

Congrat on the new furniture pieces too. Heck, I love the barter system!! Snap pics when ya can and share with us.