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Wednesday, March 19, 2008



Is this not just bbbbeeeautiful? I have to admit...I almost "pussed" not passed but "pussed" out towards the very end, I wasnt feeling my cheerios, actually I felt like I could have bitten someones face off! But just when I was convinced I couldnt take it a minute longer...the cool spray and gently swipe of antiseptic brought me back to life. I was so euphoric I could have kissed him!

It sure didnt look like this in the broshure!!!!

I finally completed my last of 3 LOOONNNGGG sittings with Steve aka "The Original Inker" Old School Style aka Kinky Inky! We started this process of painful artwork about 9 weeks ago. 3 sittings with about 3 weeks in between to heal.About 13 hours all together! OUCH!!!! but sooo worth it.

Theres no way I could have possibly afforded this large tattoo on my own, but when Steve offered to bless me with this gift, after Ronnie and I had helped him...whats a girl to do? I am a walking business card for "Guideline Tattoos" In East Hartford, Conn. (wonderful website by the way.) One of his artists Kevin Brady is the artist of the stars and has done some incredible work on John Melloncamp, The stars of Waynes World & several others in his hall of fame!
I had quite the busy day yesterday morning, before being artfully and painfully branded, I had my first computer class!!!!! I know its hard to tell in the pics above while I was srunching up my face, but could ya tell I looked a little smarter?????
AAAHHH folks, I was in my element. I lOVE learning! it was an awesome experience. I got so choked up for a minute thinking..."look at you Kat, actually sitting here believeing in yourself, there isnt anything you cant do" it was such an "ah ha" moment for me. It was an absolute beginners course, although I was familiar and bacsically knew everything the instructor introduced to us, I learned about 4 new things I had NO clue about. I know it sounds silly, but I cannot wait till old Zoey girl freezes up on me so I can hold down the appropriate keys and delete the sentence in my "task" window that tells me shes not responding! IGNORE me will ya? How do ya like me now????
I felt such joy and got such a kick out of the other 2 students who had never been on a computer, learn all of this. They were about my age, so I understood their awe and wonder. We all take such simple things for granted dont we? Well I can see already, our patient instructor "Sharon" who volunteers her time to make a difference our lives while teaching us computer basics, has a primitive doll with a slate of ABCs holding an apple, has her name on it in my head that Im going to create for her to thank her.
NOW I thank Blondie for tagging me, and asking me to divulge 5 things that people may not know about me and then pass it on.
1) When I was 6, I was staying at my grammas house & while visiting a friend, I was mesmerized as I watched the old ringer washing machine thumping away, being fed socks and towels thru the feeder and curiosity didnt exactly kill, but maimed this Kat as she fed her index finger thru it....The surgeon at the hospital told my Dad that it would have done less damage had I inserted my entire hand thru it rather than the old pointer, cuz all I did was cause more tearing. I would have just ended up with a broken bone or two, but I caused much tendon and nerve damage to myself. I almost lost my finger. I was slave to a sling and wore a huge pressure bandage and cast for weeks. I still have the old zipper scar around my finger!
2) The same year, again at my Grams, I was showing my deep love towards my "Chatty Cathy" doll & while kissing her, & something malfunctioned in her mechanisms and her lips locked on mine and we couldnt seperate "Chucky" I mean Chatty Cathy from my mouth... so BACK to the E.R. with doll secured sucking my face... They had to cut the doll from my mouth and I had 3 butterfly bandages adhering that lip wound closed, and it was at that point my love for stuffed animals began.
I mean DANG!!!!!! no wonder Ive been in therapy for years!!!!!
3) Back in the 80s, when I was in my prime (28)... a very wild stage in my single Mom era of life, I dated a very famous W.W.F. Wrestlemania Star. We dated for about 2 months, and Im glad it ended, my hair didnt fit in his Lamborgini anyway. I was 5 feet 10 inches tall "without" my hair and heels and he was only about 5"9 but very large, very sweet, rich, and very unfaithful!!! He left nursing a couple of body slams from me!!!!
4)My husband and I recently came out of the "Country Music Closet" for the past 4 years, my husband and I have been Country Music Lovers, after hiding it from people and being old "Classic Rock" fans. We used to make fun of people who listened or loved anything w/ a twang in it. But after seeing Toby Keith in concert, my husband shouted over to me while we were acting a fool rockin out of our minds: "Honey, were goin home and puttin wheels under our house!" and weve been avid fans ever since....even watch the Country Music Awards every year, have a rediculous collection of music cds, and adore Montgomery & Gentry, (mmm yummy) & Big & Rich and I know Ronnie would leave me in a heartbeat for Gretchen Wilson!!!!
5)My nose is pierced!
Now it is my pleasure to tag 5 friends of mine....please feel free to participate and if your not a tag lover...just know that your a fan of mine and Ill love ya if you play or not...sooooooooo without further ado....
1) Deb Wilkenson from "The Laughing Doll"
2) Erika from "Erikas Cupboard"
3) Emily Franz from "Hootin Annies"
4)Jennifer Jones from ""
5)Cookie from "Curds & Whey" (I know youve been tagged before but not fom me, so did girl dig!!!!


Citygirl-Em said...

OMG, you are so funny. Not to make light of your rehab, but girl, I now know why you had a problem in the first place! Getting attacked by a doll must be scarier than hell. You poor thing!
Okay, I'll go back and write 5 more things about me that are weird, God knows, there's tons of things I can write about! I think you did a great job on old Minnie. I'm sure that mother is so thankful to you for your surgical skills.
I'm off to write about my weirdness!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Great tattoo!! Boy, my two look like boogers compared to yours. :> ) He did a beautiful job. Congrats on the computer class too!
I never did have me a Chatty Cathy and I'm glad I didn't. Yikes!!
Glad to hear ya came out of the closet... Country music is great! Yeeee-hawwwww!!!
Thanks for sharin' with us Kat!

Cookie said...

Kat, you are totally 110% my kinda girl!
What gorgeous work - but I'm willing to bet the barn that inside of your arm stuff was teeeeeeeeeeeee-ender!
it's beautiful work though and very vibrant but delicate!
thanks for the tag sweets - I'll put my thinking cap on for sure!!

MAGGIE said...

OMG Kat....Your "TAT" is gorgeous! I never have seen those kind of colors on a tat before, amazing! You are one brave chicklet! Pam

MAGGIE said...

I have no idea why my post came up "Maggie" weird....Anywho, GOOD JOB!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Kat! I am the only one of 4 girls in my family that does not have a tattoo...I like to be different ...LOL! Hubby has a few though...with plans for more...and my kids talk about it from time to time too....yikes! It sure is pretty though!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

LOL on the Chucky doll reference...

kat449 said...

Ohhh ladies thank you for the compliments on my new ink...Cookie girl, feeling tender on the inside of my elbow is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! YYYYEEOWWW!
Hugs, Kat

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Happy Resurrection Day, dear one.
Nice tatt!

Acts 2:24

"But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for "death to keep its hold on him."

Jen said...

What a beautiful Tat!! I loved the 5 things you had to crack me up big time!! Just when you think you know a person you find out they like COUNTRY!! well welcome to my world I loved it all along...Tim McGraw is my fav!