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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Primitive vs Whimsical

Hi Everybody...

Well since Ive been working so hard on this particular primitive doll order, Ive been learning so much about myself. Such as I never realized what a VERY detailed orientated woman I am. I know primitive art is celebrated and expressed through the beauty of simplicity. But I never realized how difficult it is to know exactly when... less is more!

Some of these chillins have no hair...nor will they tell their Mommies that theyre cold or hungry???? Ive had to say more than once: "Kat... step AWAY from the needle and thread!"
Ive learned so much about following directions, keeping the patterns as written and not adding or decreasing what I think would offer them POP!
Ive learned the importance of time management, self discipline, grunging, baking, sanding, rag stuffing, packaging and adding props. Ive never worked with wood or a jig saw and although at first I may have paniced...ok who am I kidding? I fweaked out! I did, I did, but the hubs knew exactly what "luan" wood is, and weve talked about investing in a jigsaw anyway. so I have learned so much with this doll order.
Im only about 6 dolls shy from completion, and Im so proud of myself for taking such a large commitment and not "just" creating these dolls, but showing up even when I was feeling a little limited or confined since they werent a "Scaredy Kat Folkheart "design.
On the days that I was feeling stressed, I stopped the order and created my own design and thats when I created Mimi I shared with you a couple of weeks ago. Mimi if you remember has lots of color, hair and a big mouth, much like her mama! Then I had a swap I was involved in that kept my creative juices flowing. so I learned how to work around "not" feeling stifled and was able to return to the sewing machine with a song in my heart, feeling refreshed.
I dont ever want to lose the feeling of whats really important on this wonderful journey of doll making. I dont ever want to forget how many blessing Im able to give and recieve from the woman Im privilidged to meet everyday.
I dont ever want to lose site of the gifts I have been given. When life happens or if I let myself down or feel disappointed with others & their frailties or human-ness, I dont have to join any circus that may be in town, I can keep my eyes on my own vision and continue thanking God for all Ive been blessed with. I can go into "my zone" and sew, paint, stitch or create. I have a place to go to thank God for the radical changes Hes inspired me to make w/ His help, the friendships & women Hes put in my life, and never go back on my promises Ive made to Him or myself about trying to be the very best I can be in everything I do.
So I absolutely believe Ive been given the better part of this deal in terms of my being commisioned to make dolls for this shopkeeper.Ive also learned my level of confidence has improved, I know only a couple of months ago, I would have been a nervous wreck with the old negative tapes playin in my head telling me my work will never be good enough, but Im actually quite excited for this woman to see the work I created for her from her patterns.
I didnt learn that kind of confidence on my own...oh all had a little bit to do with that growth spurt in me. So thank you all who have encouraged me, supported me, and continue to inspire me to push myself.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Kat! I love your Dolls! I supersized the pic for a better look and they are so cute!!! You are doing such a great job! I love love love prim dollies! You go Girl!

Doreen said...

Congratulations on the shop order. Way to go.


Cookie said...

I love you dolls, but more than that I adore this pic of you ... what a LIVIN' DOLL!!!

You are the cats meow, sister-friend!


Jen said...

I have to agree with cookie...the pic of you is just priceless! I cant believe your almost done with this order "you did it lady" How wonderful does this feel? your making your dreams come true...and no one deserves this more then you do,who is always there for anyone who needs a friend(me)while putting yourself and your needs on hold..Congratulations on all you do

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Kat darlin', hope on over to my blog... You've been tagged!!! :> )