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Thursday, March 13, 2008



 last Friday afternoon my son blew us away with a surprize visit... from Jersey...and although he didnt bring his wife, he didnt come alone!!!!

On Saturday morning his brother hollers to me as Im pecking away on my putter, "Hey Mom...does this look like a tick on my wall?" Sho nuff...little buggers slowly scaling the Jordan says..."Hmmm looks like a Jersey Tick to me" ( Im not alone in thinkin his brother "very" much a suspect now) so we confiscate the tick...did I tell you I have an unhealthy FEAR FACTOR about ticks????

although I dont care for ,but dont freak over centipeeds, roaches that I used to see in clients homes when I was an outreach counselor, or any creepy crawlers, but ticks to me are the rabid pitbulls of a bugs life.I am a "certified" "sissified" Scaredy Kat when it comes to ticks. especially Jersey Ticks.

So I wipe my tears away and see my first born off on Sunday, and sadly go on with my day...It was an awesome visit where we did little else other than eat delicious comfort food, veg out on the sofa, watch rented movies and learn how to cut, copy, and paste, on my computer...I told you my son was amazing!!!! The ONLY one whos been able to teach me this task...& Ive had many try! so other than giving his Mama facial twitches w/ his lil hitch hiking blood thriving parasites....Im just sayin!

Later that night in bed, I throw my socks off cuz its so hot, I run downstairs, turn the heat down and hop back into bed and decide to lather my legs w/ a new body cream from Vicorias Secret (a Christmas gift) so Im goopin up and all of a sudden...I feel this small bump on the bottom of my leg!!! WHAT THE ????? OH MY GAWD (LOUD SCREAMIN HERE) and the sweats, hyper ventilating, dropping everything cuz of the greasy massage products Ive got ALL over me, I get the bifocals...pinsharp tweezers, a pin.... baccitracin (sp)ointment, smelling salts. (exaggeration) and begin the surgical proceedure....

Prognosis? ...JERSEY TICKITIS! Im just sayin....Ive lived here with an inside cat with lots of long fur, hes a Mainecoone, known for their unusual long hair,,,, kinda makes an Angora look like hes sportin a fade....a ticks HGTV dream home, our dog Opie who goes outside every single day and in the 4 years weve had Opie and the 8 weve had Mr. O'Malley, weve NEVER seen a tick. & believe me I look, ok , I dont look ... I drive the babies NUTZ with my OCD combing, spreading the fur, checking for lumps, discoloration, rashes, missing hair, searching and tick hunting after every pee pee trip, or walk outside. Im an avid tick hunter. If I could find a way for the babies to have little I.V. poles & bags with time released "Frontline" Flea & tick juices flowin...I would, at any cost. So when the "Copper" comes home for a weekend respite freaking me out with a story about a tick he just found on his floor in his own home and all of a sudden were infested...ok, maybe not "infested", but I was ready for chemical warefare when Jordan found the first one boldly crawling on his bedroom wall. I swear...he was smiling at me as if to say..."Whats up Kat? Catch me if ya can" I wonder what he was sayin as he was swirlin away in his sea of blue Tidy Bowl form of transportation to the East Hartford Hock? Ya... How do ya like me now? Ticky, Ticky, Tavy? HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!

Im just sayin!!

Is there anyone out there that can support, or relate to my Tick Obsession? come on...fess up...I dare ya...Double dare....ya know ya wanna....


Jen said...

TICKS are disgusting they make me shiver from those creepy crawly things!! I use to be ok with them until I lived in Collinsville and my poor dog Kilo got covered and I mean covered! it took me and my hubby days to pick them off.. we stopped counting after 275..and that's no lie...its a good thing my doggie didn't die from anemia well from this point on you would think I was immuned from them.But NO it freaks me Im right there with ya Kat!

Stacey said...

I am so glad to learn that a Jersey Tick has nothing to do with spastic muscles! OY!!!...

we have deer ticks here and I'm constantly pulling them off of the bald man during hunting season. I never signed up for THAT one!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oh my goodness! I had my very first experience with a deer tick a few years back. It was a fall day and I was out rakin' leaves all afternoon. Afterwards I hopped in the shower to scrub up. As I lathered up to shave the ol' ham hocks, I felt somethin' weird behind my knee. When I realized what it was and that it buried itself there I jumped outta the shower, ran down the stairs stark neked screamin' for my hubs. He thought he was goin' to get lucky, boy was he wrong!
He got the tweezers and plucked it out of the back of my leg. I immediately thought I had Lyme Disease and made an appointment to see my doc. I swear that thing left a crater in the back of my leg like the Grand Canyon! So now when I go out to outside, I'm completely paranoid! Man, now I'm goin' to have nightmares tonight! Yikes!!
Oh by the way, what ya have a minute, hop on over to my blog! :> )

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kat..I am ALMOST an authority on ticks...when we lived in CT my son contracted Lyme disease from a deer tick...he was only 3 at the time. I never saw a tick when we lived in CO and so far none here in WA...and we are surrounded by the woods...they creep me out do mosquitoes...and fleas...disease carrying vermin.

Cookie said...

Missouri is FULL of ticks - and I've seen many of em. I remember growing up, me and my brothers would pull em off my dog and they be the size of quarters - at least for my little eyes they sure were.
We went fishing in a real wooded area once a few years back and the next day, I found one at the nape of my neck - I thought my mole had moved on me - then I realized there were two moles and one of them was alive!
From then on, you wont catch me without a ballcap!