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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hands....Dwell in Possibility!!!

I have a really bizarre fetish of sorts...I love looking at peoples hands. I think they tell alot about a person. I wonder sometimes about the wonder of hands, the same way I do when I see an antique...I think, "where has it been? what story or history does it hold?"

well, I think about my own hands..theyve both blessed, and made messes. Ive spent the last several years rebuilding and creating a new life for myself, and family. Ive done some under handed things with these hands that im not proud of and those stories are private and dont belong here, but Ive also done some amazing things with these beginning to wrinkle, calloused, scarred, painfully arthritic, and often upreached to the heavens begging for mercy, olde hands of mine.
They have so many stories of their own. They have gently spanked little hineys when I needed to spare the rod and spoil the child, theyve been grasped in grief, & prayer when I buried my sister, my Father, my grand daughter, & a host of family and friends, theyve also been cemented together in prayers of gratitude for the joyful births of my own 2 sons, their ups and downs in life, and mine. Theyve planted seeds, gardens, baked pies, cooked delicious dinners, journaled, sewed, painted, stitched and written letters to God, and my son when he was away fighting a war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Theyve pounded in frustration on this computer when I decided to join the millenium and participate in electronically communicate which opened doors in my world that blow my mind, helped develop the amazing friendships I celebrate and share with you all the time.
Mine have done some amazingly wonderful things since 19none of your business, my question is what have yours done? I think it would be so interesting to invite you to bless us and share what your own hands have done? We all have stories wed prefer to remain private, so Im not asking for those, unless you feel compelled...but Im excited to hear about the miracles that your own precious hands have been a part of. Who have they touched? How have they made a difference? How do they serve God? or your community, family and friends????? oh pretell...


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

My hands have held happiness, sadness, excitement and grief.
They've also been gentle and firm.
My hands have worked hard and prayed hard. (They still do)

Lookin' at them now, they look like my mama's hands. :> )

kat449 said...

Peanut, thank you hon for sharing and participating in request for feedback.
I also know that your "hands" have blessed us with creating your delightful charachters, they have thoughtfully helped me a "couple" of times with teaching me lessons on this computer, theyve touched many hearts and lives by encouraging us with typing whats on your heart, youve made us all laugh hysterically with your talent in writing. Youre hands have clicked many a beautiful pictures to share, chopped much wood and then dressed, youve touched my life & I know countless others with your beautiful heart & hands. thanks again Peanut...Hugs Kat

Cookie said...

My hands have helped a friend up, given warm and heartfelt consolation, delivered huge pats on the back & high 5's and even flipped off a few so-and-so's but right now.... they are giving 2 ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP to my friend, Kat for an awesome blog!
What an encouraging read, sister. I love it!!

kat449 said...

Hi Cookie Girl...
Thank you for both touching comments. I can just picture you flippin someone off. tee hee, Im done flippin folks off, the last time I did that in the market parking lot...I didnt know it was my Pastors wife!!!!! eeeeewwwwwwww! LUCY???????

Jen said...

My hands have held my 2 sons as baby's..they have held many hands.
wiped away tears some not mine!
My hands have covered my face in shame and embarrsement..My hands held my sister when she had to lay her 20 year old to rest..they have been used when angry to flip the bird at someone...not proud of that but honest! MY hands have been held over my head in victory while saying..THANK YOU JESUS! and used to clap to cheer my friends on
My hands are old now but till available to anyone who needs them.

kat449 said...

Thank you. I have seen your hands accept not hand outs but hand ups to "radically" improve your life. I have watched your hands raised in groups and meetings to add, inspire and comfort woman like myself & coutless others when I felt like the air had been removed from the room, & others wept with fear of the unknown.
Now I have the pleasure of watching your hands take part in a brand new business adventure, and follow your dreams...I have happily munched your delicious and sinful flavored pop corn, and look forward in watching you count all the money I pray your new journey blesses you with....Peace, Kat

אפרת ברק said...

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