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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Apples, peaches,New Furniture & Pie!

Well, I promised Id show off my new (to me) girlee floral love seat, the matching sofa, the large sofa is on the other side of the parlour. I also bought the spinning wheel and bobbins of yarn, at a flea market for $3.00! The bobbins were a dollar a piece, I thought theyd look great on the wheel. & they do! I waited almost 6 months before I could incorporate this wheel in our decor.

Then I thought as sick as Ive been, Id try and stay out of bed yesterday and bake my hubs the Apple Peach Pie Id promised him. It was so theraputic to create this pie. My son walked in the kitchen, saw the pie and said "Whoa...that things a monster, is it real?" Jordan knows to ask about anything I make, real? or muslin and polymer? But nothing Ive ever sewn or sculpted smelled this good!

I stayed up all day yesterday. I didnt go to the doctor on Friday since his office called in the morning to inform me that he had an emergency and needed to reschedule. Yipee...a stay of execution. At least it will buy me a few more days to get better. So I took my time & enjoyed baking, then I cleaned a little, did some laundry, and made dinner. mmmm Shepherds Pie & Salad...and later...of course, coffee, and the monster.

I also completed a gift I made a friend of mine who Im so very proud of. She and her husband are in the process of beginning the greuling, scary,but exciting process of beginning their own business. Yup....JDS Secret Pop. Jen and Dan make thee freshest most delicious flavored pop corn! Ive been the recipient of a lightly chocolate drizzled pop corn and then a caramel drizzled. Man that salty, sweet blend oh so made me make noises in my mouth as I savored and chewed!!!! So I thought it only appropriate that I make her a little something to celebrate her new adventure. Im going to give it to her tomorrow morning, so Ill post the pictures then, since she reads my blog regularly and knows somethings being made...shes so sneaky...tries to get me to drop hints all the time!

Side note...Minnie arrived back home in Florida to her BFF Mikaela after I gave her a make over. Mikaela LOVED her new Minnie. Im so thrilled. It touched my heart to know that I took this project on even though it was outside the realm of my experience. It just proved to me, that if I put my mind to it, I can walk thru any of my fears.

Well today its pouring, & I have computer class today, then off to pay some bills, and when Ronnie comes home later tonight, we need to go to BJ's & go BIG groceries, and finally re-up on some much needed supplies so I can complete my doll order which Im 2 shy from completion. They should be Kentucky bound in another week.

Im going to invest in a jig saw. The wings on a couple of these dolls require luan wood and a jigsaw to cut them from. Ive always wanted a jig saw but couldnt justify that purchase until now.

Ive sure got alot on my list of things to do today, but Ive been down for so long, so much needs to get done. Ive been out of the loop of life, & quite frankly, I was scared. Not to die...No one gets out alive, but Im surely not ready. I have alot to learn, alot of making up to do, and the grand babies...I want to live to experience grand children. I want to be a "G.G." ( Glamorous Gramma)

So Im back... a little slow, still a little sore and a whole lotta tired...but its good to be back.

If anyone would like the recipie for this Apple Peach Pie, please feel free to email me, Ill be happy to send it to you. Its my own recipie. and DELISH!!!!


Doll Artist Deb Wilkinson said...

OMG I want some!! Kat, that looks DELICIOUS!!! I'm so glad you were able to bake despite not feeling well. I suspect you are on the mend though . . .

Any dollies in the works??

Jen said...


Jen said...

What the heck was 4 all about sorry about that...a real blonde moment thats for sure! As for the pie OMG now thats what I'm talking about sister! looks awesome and now I'm hungry your a regular suzie homabaker! glad to see you on your feet. and love the new furniture too

Jen said...

Kat, thank you so much for my beautiful apron! I will wear this with pride! I was also surprised that I couldn't get you to drop any more hints to me I must be slipping on my sneakiness!! you know me to well lady!! Thank you for believing in me and giving me that extra push when I so need it.
Love you for always being there for me, your a special person in so many ways!!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

oh my goodness!! I think I just gained 5 pounds from the pix!! I'm not a pie maker, and it's a good thing after seeing that yummy yummy pie....cause I am a pie eater!!