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Monday, April 28, 2008


I will jump thru hoops to make sure my giveaway will be the talk of the town.

Its almost that time...

~Katerpillarsnomore~ blogsite is going to be celebrating 100 posts soon.

So I was thinking... after participating in several of my other blogging friends "100 Post Anniverseries", which are going to be tough acts to follow, that I shall embrace this time as well.

I began this blogging journey last November. New to blogging, new to computers, & new to dollmaking, & having met some of THEE nicest, most creative, talented, kind, funny, and spiritual women EVER, and being blessed to have formed such precious online and offline friendships, that I am just amazed at all Ive been given from following my dream & trying to blog.
I am so excited to have the oppertunity to thank each and every one of you who have touched, taught, loved, supported and believed in me so many times since last November when sometimes I didnt even believe in myself.... I am facing things, creating & designing wonderful work, embracing & taking part in the craft fair circuit, flea market venue for my trash to treasure re-creations, pushing and challenging myself to make healthier choices personally, professionally, and spiritually, all because I want to be a woman of excellence, just as you all are.
Yeah...from starting a blog....Never... under estimate the power of God while Hes creating your authentic you!
Ill keep yall posted...

So this celebration is just such a privilidge that humbles me to the core....It isnt to honor me...I want this anniversery to embrace and thank you. Im hoping that my friends who visit regularly will take part in my giveaway, but Im also going to invite any of you who stop by to spread the word, share my link and you will be added twice to the drawing.

NNNAWWWWW lets have some real fun and add you three times.
So Im just letting ya know, Im still here, Im still not smoking...Im still not thrilled with being a non smoker (yet)...Im just keepin it real, and would appreciate continued prayers and need all the support I can get.
In the meantime, Im thinking up ways to get this party started and am off to think about what I need to create a few things thatll dazzle my blogging buddies,entice some friends I havent met yet that Im hoping will come after we invite them, and knock the socks off of the Giveaway Winners...yup...I said winner"S", as in more than one...maybe 2...maybe more....


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

A giveaway??!! Woo-hoo!!!
I'm so proud of you for bein' smoke free for this long! Keep up the good work! I know ya can do it!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I'm glad to hear you are still not smoking Kat...that is wonderful!

Tina said...

What a true blue blessing to meet you, my dear. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your heartfelt comment. I have loved reading your blog this evening and what a wonderful journey you are on. I am happy to add you to my list and I know I'll enjoy stopping in regularly. looking forward to seeing more of your work and being inspired.

Cookie said...

sweets - I think my visit here has been LOOONG overdue and I apologize for being AWOL but girl, I'm so proud and happy that you:
#1. QUITTING SMOKING - what a major accomplishment and if you are like me, one of the hardest things you will face. WTG... be strong, dont cave in to any wild cravings. You can do it!!!
#2. YOU'RE HAVING A GIVEAWAY?? Heck yes, toss my name in that hat baby! I will be happy to help promote it on my blog once you get the details figgered out! :)
love ya Kat - you are a strong woman and I'm very proud of you !

Jen said...

Holy COW!! what a nice way to thank people who believe in you! Im so bummed cuz I dont have a blog and I cant enter... :( or add you but thats have great support from people on here and they deserve it!!

BuTT UgLee said...

miss Kat,
I can't believe you are at your 100th post. Holly Shit!! You have come along way my girl. Keep up the inspiratonal messages. I'm so happy to hear you are STILL not smoking. Is it getting any easier???
peace out!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I just began blogging in November as well and am amazed at the wonderful folks I have met. I just feel blessed to pieces.

So happy that you're remaining smoke free. What an accomplishment!