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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can We Talk????

Now I think everyone knows Im a fair woman, Im not a husband or man basher, I enjoy most men, and I adore my Ronnie....but can we talk?????

My desire to get a few things off my chest about the male species wouldnt be appropriate in any other venue, some of the married woman in my circle or network of folks in meetings, always center around bashing and Im not talking about that...Im talking about having a safe, fun, honest, place to come and vent (with love) about those things that our husbands or significant others do that make us want the long braid off in the middle of the night, or apply a little pressure with the pillow as they sleep, or paint the toenails Cadiallac Red while they snore away! and hide or dump the polish remover....

Well thats what I feel like doing when Ronnie does things like...deciding to play horse shoes under my bedroom window on a Sunday afternoon while Im trying to nap...CLANG...CLING....CLANG!!!!!!or using the last of the good, soft, fresh rolls to feed the birds....or when he eats cereal or ice cream and cannot seem to master this task without banging the spoon on the side of the bowl. OVER and OVER again!!!! youd think my increasing the volume on the remote would give him a hint????? not a chance! or cleaning the the sink out after he trims the goat tee....or after he lowlights it with Just For Men.... Its NOT "Just For Men" its for the women who have to clean the stains out of the bathroom sink!!!!! "Just For Them" And WHY am I the only one in this family that seems to qualify to change the toilet paper roll? and does anyone care about long hair in the tub after they shower? Were these "things to do" in small print on the marriage certificate???? TELL ME!!!! Or when he looks right at me pretending to be paying attention, while Im trying to tell him something important and I know hes thinkin something like...."when was the last time I put oil in the truck"? or "is that game on tonight or tomorrow night?" or "am I hungry?" (starin right at me, mind ya) and if I catch him and ask him to repeat what Ive just said.... he tries to act all offended as he tries to divert my attention with a hug, or a smooch! Yah buddy sure ya can kiss somethin of mine...... HELLO!!!!! anbody feelin me?

And when did this man turn into the homicidal maniac on the road???? Where was I? When did that happen? My kind, patient, giving, man turns into this...this...charachter that Steven King would make millions writing about...He uses hand gestures & spews words that shock even...well me! and when we get home has the NERVE to ask me whats wrong? Like the trauma I just experienced would have brought color back into my face or would have stopped the shakes!!!! And he SWEARS "Im" over reacting....who is this man???? where did mine go? is he at your house? This is the same man who touches countless men and women on the street when hes ministering to them about living a new drug free lifestyle.and as soon as he gets behind the wheel, he becomes a Conn. terrorist on wheels! he wasnt even like that when he was meaner than an ole junkyard dog biker!!!!ok, well maybe a little, Im just sayin!

I mean I know it could be alot worse, I remember in the early days of the training program when we first met, such as; putting the seat down... or the courtesy flush..... clippin the toenails only in the bathroom!!!!! or clipppin them at all!!! or not drinking anything from the carton in the fridge....or teaching the boys armpit farts... or glamorizing inappropriate biker tales to the boys...or any stories having to do with strippers and a pole!!!!

We all have our pet peeves, and I wouldnt have the nerve to ask my poor man what irks him about me, not when he ususally cant see or find the dining room table under the bolts of fabric, spools of thread, and bottles of paint.... or the millions of things that temp him to move without giving me the new address everytime I go on weekend retreats, or any one of my Lucy moments....but this isnt his blog...its mine.

Im just curious to hear what some of the other peeves everyone else deals with their husbands. I mean I know Im the first one to brag about the wonderful things Ronnie does for me and others just cuz "Nice Matters" and hed surely give you the shirt off his back, (and has...literally) and I could share for hours about the random acts of kindness hes so passionate about, or how I celebrate his enthusiasm for life, or how you dont get to just "meet" Ronnie, you get to "experience" him because of his laughter, outlook, and energy. But again...My Blog!.

Sometimes its important that we woman folk to get together and share a laugh about these things so we can remeber that were not alone and look at "how important is it" anyway when all is said and done....

I think it helps put things back in perspective when we can all chuckle at what we are "blessed" to have to deal with. I dont know what I would do without this man that Im honored to call my husband. Im sure you feel the same way, but I think it will be fun to share a laugh while we support eachother, as we all know Marriage Isnt For Wimps! Please feel free to share one or all.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I'm convinced my hubs waits until I scrub the bathroom sink to trim his goatee and then he leaves his lil' whiskers where they fall. I swear my head spins around like Linda Blair's when he does that!
I've given up on changin' the bathroom tissue roll too, I say let him use his sleeve.
But as much as I complain, I wouldn't trade my hubs for anythin' in the world. Well... I may not say that durin' PMS. :> )

Kat449 said...

P.M.S. (Punish My Spouse) thanks for sharing Peanut, we must begin a support group for women with husbands who trim their fur over the sink....G.A. not world reknowned Gamblers Anonymous but Goatees Anonymous! Im sure a jury of our peers would find any "accidents" justifiable! tee hee.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oooh and we might want to join T.A.
(Toenails Anonymous)
I think every woman has a story about their hub's toenail hygiene or lack of it.

BittersweetPunkin said...

You, my friend, are so FUNNY! I know what you mean!!Loved the pressing of the pillow...LOL........I read the whole post with my head NODDING going "uh huh..yup ..uh huh... yup"....


Cookie said...

Can we relate? ooooh yeah - like when I'm on the 3rd level and he hollars till I come down the stairs and looks at me and says "whatcha doing?"

hahaha you nailed it all into words, sister!

kat449 said...

Cookie YES I feel ya baby!.....Is that like a universal thing with men????
When were ordering at a restaurant or eating from a buffet, my husband will say in front of people... "Hon, do I like this?" HELLO!!!! Im not your mama!
If I were you darlin, Id invest in an inexpensive baby moniter or walkie talkies...ive got buns of steel myself from the 3 floors in our home too! Hugs, Kat

Jen said...
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Jen said...

All men are alike and after reading your hysterical blog I'm more convinced then ever! what about the constant swaying of the foot when watching tv! or the slurp of milk when eating cereal or that wonderful morning cough with the honker out the window when driving...I gag everytime!! I know about the goatee clippings and little annoying hairs all over the place...or acting dumb when you want him to remember what was said in his fit of anger...ahhh I was mad you cant hold me accountable for that!! and the ice cube tray is right along with the toilet paper and paper towels! or making the worst mess possible when cooking.. oil every where and everything must be cooked on HIGH no matter what it is! ok I can go on forever but will opt to stop here before I get myself in a thats what he calls it a TIZZY...WHAT EVER! Love your blog lady it makes me laugh!!

BuTT UgLee said...

Miss Kat!
that ronnie is adorable. what a warm smile!!! thanks for sharing the pics!

peace out my friend!