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Friday, February 22, 2008

thank you Peanut...

PEANUT!!!!!You so rock my teaching sister. This is the first time Ive been able to take direction (online) without someone sitting over my shoulder showing me how to use this dang box...or bribing me with chocolate... or bye bye in the car to the fabric store.

Man you guys you just have nooooo idea...if you asked me what I was tickled with more....being able to download this blog award from Peanuts blog to my own like a big girl? or that Peanut thought me worthy of this awesome "You make my day award" Im not sure I could...but I have to say..Im pretty darn proud of myself over this one. I think Ive even made my own day...of course with Peanuts help!!!! Does it get any better than this???? Oh man, I hope not, Im not sure I could handle the excitement after shoveling our snowfall this morning. My hearts already pounding with excitement. Oh I have to go wake my hubs up from his "after work... before dinner... after shoveling ...nap"!!!!....hes GOT to see this one! TEEEEEE HHHEEEEE!!! I SO ROCK!!!!! YOU DO TOO PEANUT...Ill be back in a little bit, Ive got to savor this and show off anyone in a 5 mile radius...Ive gotta go.....oooohhhh wait...Im gonna go try this same thing on Blondies blog, she gave me an artsy award about 10 days ago, but I couldnt figure this out and was busy pouting.....GOTTA GO!!!! LOVE YA!

Ok, now Im just showin off!!!!! I cant even begin to process all of this NIRVANA....I will explain Miss blondies award she recieved from her friend Donna and then passed to me and several other heavy hitters in a day or too, but youll all understand if I just let the smoke settle a little.? I just wanna marinade in my award glory for a minute....

My ability to still learn and take direction, which I owe all my thanks to Peanut from Countryfolk Keepsakes...I humbled myself and emailed her today to ask for her help.

She wrote me back immediately, thee most loving letter with the easiest directions to master this ....and she never made me feel ashamed of asking or intruding on another woman who has a busy life of her own, although I offered her an out, but not Peanut woman.... she still preferred to "give" to me and give she did. Once again, you have touched me beyond words could say. AND you believed in me. I owe ya sistah...well kids...Im feelin mighty...well mighty... right about now, Im goin outside to ask my son if he needs "me" to pull that engine hes been workin on for 2 days!!!! OH YAH!!!!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I knew ya could do it!! I'm so proud of you!! :> )

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kat!! I love your award...glad to see you are getting more blog tech savvy...LOL!
How are you?? Hopefully I can slow down this weekend to send you a nice've been on my mind and the top of my list! Things are somewhat normal again at my house..whatever normal is...

Stacey said...

WOOHOO!! Doin the dance for you!! I knew once you started that you would Kat-a-pault into the web. The award looks great on you dear and I'm so glad to see you enjoying it~ you go sistah!