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Saturday, January 12, 2008


I have always known I love my Opie to the moon and back, I have found myself and my husband acting foolish in rearranging our lives to offer Opie the comforts he deserves, have been the talk of the neighborhood about our spoiling Opie, and I understand that I am one of those people I used to chuckle at if I saw them...well acting with their beloved pets the way we do. But yesterday he scared us so bad with something he had eaten and either wasnt able to pass and or didnt agree with him.

It started at 3:00am yesterday morning when he woke me up scratching at the door to go out to pee. well that wasnt normal behavior for two reasons, the first being, he has puppy training pads for the middle of the night bladder runs, and the second was pouring, thundering, and lightening, outside and Opie wont EVER go out in anything threatening to wet his feet, and he usually burrows deep under the quilts and comforters when the "Boom Booms" come. so for him to beg me to go out just to pee...didnt make sence. He came back in and went to sleep, but 2 hours later, he woke me up to go back out, and did Number# 2, but when he came back in...he was shaking, shivering, and panting hysterically, not the "Im hot cuz its summer, so Im panting, pant"... it was a labored breathing pant and he had the death grip on me and had a look of terror in his eyes. I took him back to bed and rubbed his belly back to sleep, all the while praying a prayer of healing over him. he was really beginning to freak me out, but I put him to sleep.

Fast forward to about 4 hours later right before (Allison my computer hero) was coming over so we could spend some "fun" time at "Joannes" Opie came running downstairs and was shaking so horribly and tried hopping on my lap for safety, healing, recuing, fixing...God did I feel powerless, but the shaking was almost seizure like, so I called Ronnie and my son went to pick him up at work, I wouldnt have ever attempted driving, not to mention, I wasnt leaving Opie. Allie came over in the meantime and shes very involved w/ The Sadie Mae Foundation which is a dog rescue shelter and knows Opies behavior was completely and dangerously different so thank God she called her vet and an hour later we were off to the doggie hospital.

By then similar to when you go to the dentist and the tooth stops paining ya, Opie seemed better, The Dr. examined his heart...fine, temp. fine...lungs clear...all the questions to find a solution to make him better, we brought in a sample from the morning constitutional, and she could tell his belly was extended...what has he eaten lately possibly new? aaahhhhh the new chippy Ronnie gave him... and SPICY SAUSAGE from our pizza last night?????RONNIE!!!!!!!what the???so she gave him tagament, pepto bismol, and Ronnie got the "Youre loving Opie to death spiel" and told me to continue the baby ibuprofen and call her if he became worse.... we came home and he seemed better and then this morning on the puppy pads I was tellin ya about??????? LOADED like it had been visited by a shetland pony...SAWEET RELIEF!!!!! OPIE LIVES!!!!!!!
I cannot begin to tell you the utter panic...the heartbreak...the unabashed fear I felt thinking I was losing Opie. I also cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart that Allison calmly took charge of this situation with such loving encouragement and support for a very frazzled...neurotic...but grateful me...and wheres Ronnie this morning? Oh yeah...hes doing some hard time in the DOG HOUSE!!!!


Stacey said...

Derned kids... what are ya gonna do with them? Love them dearly! It is difficult when those big eyes look at us and speak so loud for the smallest morsel. Thank goodness Allie was there with you~ always a reason I say.

Woohoo! music on your blog~ you are going at Kat-a-pult speed! I'm so happy for you because I know how challanging these computers can be...I will never forget the beginnings on here and how scarey it was... heck, at times it still is. good thing there is no red button to hit accidently! Smiles!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

WHEW!!! I'm glad to hear lil' Opie is okay. Our four legged babies can scare the heck out of us, can't they?!!
The next time y'all have pizza, tell hubs to keep his hands on the table where you can see them. No more hot sausage for Opie! :> )

kat449 said...

EGADZ!!! can ya believe it? First he almost kills our poor dog and says nothin to me while Im pullin my hair out thinkin it was somthin "I" did, & then spits out the whole truth and nothin but the truth to the Dr.while were in the examining room w/ the thermometer buried deep where the sun dont was I fit to be tied!!! Kat