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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Since Im clearly not comfortable with the layout of my blog just yet...hang in there with me please, stranger things have happened.

The first pic I posted is from a great olde skillet I bought at a tag sale, so I painted a snowman design from the very talented "Renee Mullins" on it.

Next is a pic of me sporting an apron I had fun painting for the grand opening of the store that I was originally part owner of but is now solely my sisters.

Then... one of my many pillows from my collection Ive painted that are for sale, and this patriotic pineapple is a design from "John Sliney" who is a Primitive folkart artist right in my own backyard in Wallingford Conn. HES AWESOME. I lOVE PAINTING HIS SALT BOX HOUSES ON ANYTHING THAT DOESNT MOVE!

Heres Jordan, my son sitting on his brand spankin new rice rocket that was STOLEN!!!! only a few months of payments...and No I DIDNT HAVE A THING TO DO WITH THE MISSING MOTORCYCLE....I SWEAR I DIDNT! :) a month later, his car was stolen and THATS when he decided to move home and another car, and new business on the way but no death defying rockets thus far!

DARTH WELDER/RON VADER...gots to have the Harley insignia or skulls on everything with this guy!

heres a fun snowman I made from an artist I am so sorry, I cant remember who from Create & Decorate, but it sure wasnt me...I am just an imposter.

and last but NEVER least, this is a piece of wood that Ronnie woodburnt a portrait of me from a regular kodak picture! it is too cool to see yourself on a piece of wood. (the eyes follow you wherever you go) The picture doesnt do it justice, when you see it in person, it is mind blowing. He can woodburn almost anything on wood, he has touched many people who have commisioned him to burn their precious furbabies who have passed on. What a great way to honor a loved one.
I hope youve enjoyed looking at a few of my favorite things, it had been a blast sharing them with ya... thanks again for your patience while I bumble thru editing,learning layouts, and have worn off the letters on my backspacing and delete keys...Any possibilities of my web designing in the future????? HA hA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Id better not quit my deli job!


SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

oh my gosh girlfriend!!!!Look how much you have grown with this blog.wowzer you go girl!!Oh I just LOVED your pictures they made me smile!! You are such a gorgeous doll kiddo!!!Love you oodles

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

What great pics Kat!! You're gettin' to be an ol' pro at this bloggin' thing!! YaY!