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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Picture Posting Monster!

I think i can...I think I can...and I did!!!!

One of my dreams and desires was to learn how to master posting pics on this computer and my new hero "Allie" (tada) came over for yet another marathon tutoring session on this machine. I tried to keep her from going home cuz I wanted to learn more...such addictive personality, I offered to do her laundry, I fed her until she couldnt move, introduced her to vanilla cream and splenda in her coffee, (which she made noises of yummy pleasure while she drank it) I even offered for her to stay the night. But nooooooooo, she has a life of her own to live she claims...Imagine!!!

But I am so very grateful that she helped me and patiently giggled at my probably rediculous questions and terms...and the look on her face when she went into my "favorites" and saw it rolling like the credits from the movie The Titantic. "um Kat"...she quietly suggested, "you might want to organize ALL these favorites, do you want me to teach you how?" oh sweet Allie, "no darlin, thats one of the few things I "in fact" know how to do on here, Im just ...ummmm really lazy" you many little time!

She is just too cute for her own good, she was so amazed and thrilled to see someone like myself, working thru such frustration and yet she wouldnt allow me to believe anything but the potential that I have to learn this, and so much more.

So thank you Allison, I promise, I owe you a "to die for" funky haircut that will be the envy of all 12 step meetings, I will provide the sculpted angel head for the top of your personal God Box I promised to help you paint & design, and unlimited gooey, hot, homemade, crescent roll sandwhich squares, from now until I am satisfied that at best, my blog will be just as interesting, musical, funny, informative, hopefully inspiring, and creative as the ones in my blogging community of primitive artists.

That said...Id like to leave you with a few pieces of my work I have designed throughout 2007 so you can get to know what my passion is for a change....

and Peanut...did I not promise you when I learned how to cut copy, and paste, your link would be my first???? Ive added yours and Roons, & if I cant manage to remember how to add all the others, its off to the kitchen for me to bribe Allie with more Pillsbury delights...Im gonna be there awhile!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

WOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!! Ya did it!!!!! Oooooh and pictures too!!!!! YaY for you!!!!!! :> )

Stacey said...

WooooHoo!! You go girl!!! I'm so happy for you that my fingers are dancing on the keyboard here and I had to rewrite this twice cuz of the typos! You crack me up! I'm so darned proud and happy for you!!! I know how much this has meant for you! I knew you'd do nothing short of a Kat-a-pault picture blizzard. I LOVE it!

kat449 said...

GET A LOAD OF ME!!!!!Proof that Dreamz really do come true dont they?
I am up here browsing and pounding away and having a BALL you guys. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support. I feel like one of the big kids now...almost! your all tough acts to follow.
The best feeling is knowing you all KNOW what an issue this has been for me, so thanks for sharing your joy w/ me. we rock dont we? tee hee. hugs, Kat

lovetheprimlook said...

I love the pics Kat !!! You are such a cutie too. Big Hugs to ya !!!