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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vacation Blessings!

While Ronnie is on vacation, hes been busy making dream catchers.
He made this beauty for a co-worker of mine at the deli, and when others saw it, he was commisioned to make 4 more!
They are smudged and prayed over with sage, and sweet grass, to remove any negative energy and prayed for the recipient to be blessed with peace, joy, and abundance.
Ill post the other ones hes in the process of making.
I was blessed with a triple decker. Small one on top, middle sized sitting ...well the middle, and the largest one on the bottom. He incorporated and embellished mine with my one year recovery medallion around the beautiful white feathers on top. What a special gift for my one year clean & sober anniversery many years ago.
Notice the "orb" in the photo of Ronnie. hmmm thinking its probably Ronnies precious Mom "Dorothy"who visits us often!
Also, just a side note, please ignore the empty shelves, sparcely furnished, badly needing unpainted walls, we are in the process of the stressful job of packing and preparing to move. If one didnt know better, our recent photos look as if we are stars of a "B" Flick Trailor Owners.
Not that theres anything wrong with trailors.....just sparcley furnished, empty shelved, and unpainted walls, home on wheels!!!!

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Robyn Regan said...

Where are moving too....closer to me I xxxRobby