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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My little slice of Heaven...& "Ethel"

Ok I couldnt wait....Here she new angel "Ethel" shes encouraging all to "Spread our wings & fly"
I had her face in my head nagging me for about a month now, & when the she began growing...I could clearly see she was an "Ethel" I had no sketch or doodled pattern, I just sat down w/ a yard of osnaburg, a pair of scissors, my good ole upholstery thread & needle, a little fiber fill & my artist pencils...& the birthing process began. I am thrilled w/ her.
Im so grateful to feel "joy" creating my dolls, I am finally enjoying the entire process, Im not a nervous wreck w/ each snip, tuck, measurement etc. I was promised my confindence would grow, and Id be blessed w/ this feeling, but being a perfectionist like most of us are...I lacked faith in that area. I think Im finally feeling comfortable in my own skin...or osnaburg.
Until Im able to upgrade my digital camera, Im only able to produce these photos, I know theyll do, but she is really so vibrant in person. I hope she touches you & puts a smile on your face. Ethels going to be hard to let go of.
~~~Now for my little slice of Heaven I promised to share with ya!~~~
Our little slice of heaven lies right in the backyard of our home. We dont have alot of the required extra expenses to create a lavish garden that would be the talk of the town, but I can tell you, we adore our sanctuary.
I guess I did the same thing that our fore mothers did before us, I got creative.

Ok...perhaps they might not have had Harley boots to plant geraniums in, or Harley Davidson birdhouses w/ motorcycles sittin out front, but Ill bet they utilized all they had.
I am having a ball doing little things that bring a smile to my spirit. Ronnie and I enjoy grilling and eating on the deck on the weekends with our tiki torches lit keeping the skeeters at bay. We feed the resident birds and squirrels, & feel so peaceful and blessed. We have a woodpecker that pecks the aluminum siding on our neighbors house every morning at 5:15!!!!and our little bluejay family left their nest yesterday morning after teaching their 3 babies how to fly without allowing us to thank them for the joy they provided us or to say goodbye, I know its nature, but Im going to miss them, she was such a good Mommy.

Were having our first big cookout on Saturday the 21st to celebrate my Son Jordans birthday which is on the 22nd & Ronnies on the 20th. The invites have been sent and Im looking soooo forward in seeing old friends.

I just love utilizing old retired odd pieces that I lug home, they still have so much life in them.
I worked on the old bike thats been awaiting some of my attention, and of all days, I had to pick a 98degree humid day to do me some planting! We were all pretty wilted.

Im almost done with a new angel I designed and cant wait to share her with you.
Stay cool folks and please be careful in this horribly exhauting and potentially dangerous heat.


Renna said...

Kat, I love your whimsical and creative garden art! :-)

Sunshine said...

You are so creative! I looooove everything! So fun!

Tina said...

Your "Ethel" gave me a smile when I saw her as you always do when I read your posts. I love the creativity you infuse into your backyard. it looks so inviting and, you are right, a little slice of heaven to be sure.
Have a beautiful blessed and totally creative day!

softinthehead said...

ETHEL is amazing! I almost peed myself from laughing. WTG KAT! She is precious and a HOOT! Pam

Julie said...

That doll put a smile on my face. You are so creative. Stay cool!! julie

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Ethel is freaking adorable! She has so much personality!

Also love what you did outside. The wicker chair with the flowers is especially pretty, and I like what you did with everything else too!

Glad you like the award! It will be okay if you can't get it posted for a while. I understand, but I really wanted to honor you because your blog is truly awesome!