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Monday, June 9, 2008

whaddaya think?

I found this old beat up enamelware cooking pot on the side of the road just waiting for garbage pick up...SSSCCAAREEEECH!!!! went the brakes and put Max in reverse....she had soo much life left in her, not to work anymore, but just to sit somewhere in retirement after being cleaned up and painted.
I painted a Terrye French design on her. I put a couple of red plaid homespun torn fabric bows on her handles. Im not sure how Im going to use her, maybe a plant for the deck, or Ill keep my dishtowels and pot holders inside, but she sure is a keeper. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Its so flippin hot today, This morning I finished cleaning out the basement which was our huge weekend job. Today was the third day. We worked for about 9 hours each day. But Ronnie went back to work today, which he said he was grateful for cuz his boss "here" was too ....bossy, and he could finally relax! slackers is my motto!
I was so happy to get rid of, sort out, unclutter, reorganize, prepare for a tag sale, another box to donate. Everything in our dungeon that has been shamefully utilized as a hoarders hideaway is now on pallets, areas with names and in enclosed boxes and marked announcing its contents. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Then I went upstairs, changed sheets, vacuumed, washed the kitchen floor and scoured the upstairs bathroom. I just believe a clean house is a cool house. Now its time to get the basement film and cardboard itchies off of me in a cool clean shower!
I mean its pushin 98 degrees today. I seriously dont know how my husband welds and fabricates with long sleeved leathers in this heat. (he runs circles around everyone) He takes salt pills and rehydrates, & replenishes with electrolyte filled liquids but still. Im so grateful and proud of him for showing up every humid or bitter cold day to provide such a good life for us.
Ive got the house pretty comfortable right now but that will all change when the hubs comes home later and Ill be sportin a hoodie from the cold air he expects when he comes home. (its a small price to pay to keep him comforatble on days like these.)
Hope everyone is staying cool and embracing their day. Hugs....


Renna said...

You sound like such a workhorse. I'd love to have your energy!

I love the pot. I have one of those outside which I've used for a planter in the past. I'm not much of a painter or I'd copy you. :-)

Julie said...

I got tired reading your post, but I love that feeling after a good clean!! You are one talented lady. Your pot is darling. I would put it in my bathroom, roll washclothes and put them in it. It is adorable. Have a great day.

kat449 said...

wow... I guess I did ask ya what ya thought...tee hee

Tina said...

Oh, it does something good for the soul to clean and organize and simply toss the unwanted and unneeded.
It's a good way to bless yourself!

I love the pot you painted. What a good find and what a multi talented gal you are!

Love it!

Renna said...

Kat, just minutes before you posted on my blog today, my mail ran and the ADORABLE garden angel arrived. I simply couldn't get over how cute it was (is!). The garden gloves and seeds and other little flower thingie were such a neat accompaniment. Even the card was exceptionally cute, and you wrote such sweet things in it. :-)

I was going to e-mail you to thank you, but I couldn't find your e-mail address anywhere on your blog (could you send it to me, by the way?). I was on my way out the door with Hubby to go to a meeting, or else I'd have answered you (posted here) sooner! :-)

I'll be sharing a picture of the angel on my blog with a special thank you post as soon as our weather is clear. We're getting clouds and rain (much needed) today, and I can't get good pictures indoors.

You blessed my socks off!

nanny*goat*primitives said...

What a find! You did a fantastic job painting your "new" treasure! It's a keeper!

Cleaning and organizing your home cleanses the soul. I hope you have a successful tag sale.

I received my beautiful pillow today. I love the little yo-yo's in the corners! I will treasure it always. I have my little yo-yo flower magnet on the frig! Thank you too for the sweet note.

Thank you Kat for sharing your talent with all of us!

Much love,

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Wow, thats an amazing job you did on that pot! I love it!

Whew, I'm tired just reading about your day! And what a sweet hubby to go out and work so hard. I don't know how people work in this heat. I would pass out!

I have an award for you! Just check out my latest post and you can pick it up!

Life on Bonnie Lane

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Oh yeah, forgot one more're tagged!

If you're busy and don't want to play along, that's ok, especially as you were recently tagged by someone else. These questions are different.


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I think you did great! What a find and your artistic touch made it a treasure! Beautiful work.

Sounds like you have been one busy lady. Puts me to shame. I've got to get busy too!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Darlin...I got my goodies today..You are so great and I luv ya..I am going to send you an email proper ......

I heard it was HOT back East..I remember all that HEAT and HUMIDITY...sorry ...if it's any consolation we've had a ton of rain. Actually we just got our power back up after a big rain/wind storm.
I LOVE the enamelware did a GREAT JOB! I love it!

I'm heading back up to my flannel nightie on...its 49 degrees here...a great day to have the yuckie stomach bug...LOL.
Lots of HUGS for you, stay cool!

Cookie said...

how adorable!!!

girl, you have skills just busting out all over :)

love it, sweets

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Wow, you are a workaholic like me. Today was the last day of school for the kids here and I am a teacher so life is GOOD! LOL