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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Introducing JENN-DABRAH

I am THRILLED to introduce you all to my new Queen Bee Ive named Jenn-Dabrah which is to honor Jennifer from & Deb W. from The Laughing Doll. I pronounce my queens name as Zshawn-Dabra (very Polish sounding) (roll your tounge on the bra part) (there... thats it)
Im not sure exactly what I ever did that possessed Jenn to contact Deb, after I turned her on to Debs phenomenal work, but Deb wrote me one morning & told me to put my shoes on cuz it was time to go shopping...Jenn blew me away & generously blessed me with ANYTHING I wanted from Debs amazing website that sells her work at"The Laughing Doll" Please strap yourself in and check her out. Not to mention shes a sweetheart of a woman and her spirit just shines so brightly thru all of her work.
These pictures are just ok, and the ones on Debs website of course are of professional quality and STILL you arent able to appreciate the beauty, the color, or the spirit of her dolls unless your holding them in your own hands and oogling with your own eyes.
Even Debs presentation was an experience also, as I unwrapped the box w/ pink popcorn styrafoam pieces AND black fabric rose petals!!!!.... swimming in the box that carefully protected my queen with bubble wrap. Her wand that was sprinkled with german glass glitter was indavidually wrapped with elegant black & white striped tissue paper, & tied w/ a single piece of black ribbon & raffia. Nothing but 100% class and elegance.(another great lesson in the importance of nothing but the best from start to finish, thanks Deb)
Now I have to tell you, this is only one of many gifts I recieve from both Jennifer & Deb. I am humbled to be considered their friend. We check in with each other often,& support, encourage and share anything from how to handle an ickky situation in our lives seeking guidence, to something sweet that happened with our new kittys, kids or Jenns 80lb berinese(sp?) mountain puppy Lilly!
Jennifer is the funky and twisted (said in thee most loving way) artist that creates dolls so adoreable and one of a kind, you just feel so inspired to want to push yourself & create or design something mindblowing like either of these women.
I want to thank both of these fabulous women of grace & excellence, who bless me everyday in every way "loooong" before being blessed w/my shopping spree.

When Deb emailed me to share this gift awaiting me, I immediately went to her store & I freaked out cuz everything I felt a connection with was Deb offered to custom make me something special...and that was an understatement. Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart...I thank you.
Jenn-Dabrah will grace our home for years.
The gift of friendship engrained in my heart as well.
(please click on each picture to enlarge, & feast your eyes)


Doll Artist Deb Wilkinson said...

Hey Kat! It looks like in the second picture she's looking at you. You two have already connected. : )

Thanks for the sweet words my lovely!


Renna said...

It's adorable, Kat, and so are you! :-)

I'm off to check out that site!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

That is just about one of the coolest dolls I have ever seen! It's truly awesome.


Tina said...

She's a beauty!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love her!! How very sweet....