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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet My Uncle....& Yours

Allow me to introduce you to my uncle...& yours!
"UNCLE SAM" who is 22 inches tall, loaded w/ charm and gentle reminders to help me to feel such gratitude for our beautiful country in spite of our horrendous high gas prices...& other political issues & concerns.
I look at Uncle Sam & Im blasted with excitement TO vote this coming November....
I say a silent prayer of thanks & ask for a safe return for our brave U.S. Troops still far away fighting for our freedom, our rights, our safety.
Sam has flax seed hair, I used real 100% cotton right off the bud for his bushy eyebrows, mustache, and fluffy goat-tee. I dabbed a pinprick of glitter right in the center of his bright baby blues that were painted with both acrylics and artists pencils. His nose was needle sculpted as was his mouth. His Flannel jacket sits comfortably over his cotton shirt sprinkled w/ teeny stars. His pants are sewn from red & white ticking, and hes sporting black painted boots tied with a piece of patriotic fabric strip. Hes gently rubbed and stained with my secret blend of primitive goodies, and his red, white, & blue yo yo button holders show off his gold plated buttons with stars on them. His stained tag proudly states his birth place...."AMERICA" & a small round tag on his shoulder announces his name "Sam"
Sam is a one of a kind "Scaredy Kat FolkHeart" design and hes dated & signed.
I am in the process of birthing his younger twin brother which will be similar as they share the same D.N.A. but his brothers attire will differ a bit to keep their Mama from gettin bored!
I am going to include shipping in the price of this delightful Uncle Sam so if anyone is interested, or would just like to stop by and say hello, please feel free to email me. Ill leave my addy at the end of this entry.
I hope you get a kick out of Sam and although my work is one of a kind unless otherwize stated, Im proud and humbled to say that because Ive learned so much from studying so many of you, that I cannot say this is "Mine alone" when it was all of you who continue to inspire & encourage me to tap into; the best thats yet to be.


Tina said...

I really love this Uncle. Great job Kat. So much detail and love went into him. It is so evident that you really dig what you do.
Can't wait to see the younger sibling.

Renna said...

Kat, you are gifted with such creativity. He's awesome!

Cookie said...

ok, what i want to know is ....
how do you do it ??

You have been on my heart all day long and I was determined to make it to your blog tonight - but you beat me to the punch. What a marvelous kinship we share - a fervent love for our Lord and a soft spot for our dollies too :)

You uncle is so awesome - like you said ... loaded with charm and charisma. Hope you are doing well sister.
Love love love and kisses to you!

Cookie said...

btw, buddy... pop on over when you have a sec - there is a lil sumpin sumpin with your name on it!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

He is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Lookin' forward to seein' his younger bro. :> )

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I got so excited about your story about Matt that I forgot to leave a comment on Uncle Sam! He is so totally cool. I really love that real cotton moustache. He's great! Your dolls have so much personality!


Doll Artist Deb Wilkinson said...

I LOVE him Kat! He's adorable and oh-so-prim. Keep up the amazing work sweetie pie!