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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Bye Mr. Mulburry

Ronnie sittin on Jordans su...suzukee. I cant even say the words and Ronnie teasing Jordan w/ feigned disdain for bringing a rice rocket into our Harley Davidson loyal family. Ronnie thought hed be nice enough to fill Jordans tank.

Back to our original story..I just think he looks great for bein an old fart an all!!!!

Wild woman Crystal!

Heres a few pics of part of our Mulburry tree that afforded that felonious bird I posted about 2 entries ago & several others to perch above my head, while Im on my deck sipping my coffee & lets just say they "Doo" whatever they want wherever they want. SO that part of the tree just had to go!

We thought wed put a bird bath on the stump, so Crystal leveled it off for us. Is there anything as cool as the sound of that chainsaw? well probably... but I sure love the memories it provided for me when I did work for that wildwoman. In the fall in some beautiful and very expensive homes, taking trees down and carrying logs and dragging brush, the sound of the wood chipper as we removed some of the stumps not thick enough to be considered logs, but to chunky to drag for brush.

Well Ive got to go bake Ronnie and Jordans birthday cake and get the beans & tater salad going, mmmmm I bought Ronnie the new Horseshoe set hes been BEGGING me for. Yesterday, the town safety inspector stopped by our house to see how we made out w/ taking the tree down and before long he loosened his tie and was playin Ronnie and man was the testosterone flyin!!!!!!

Ill be back w/ pics from our cookout celebration today.

Happy Birthday Jordan whos 25 tomorrow, Im still strugglin with takin off that baby weight!!!! and Happy Birthday Ronnie whos proudly 54 and looks MAHVALOUS!!!!!!my sexy old man....I loves ya honey... bunches and bunches!

My neighbor and old boss Crystal came over to help Ronnie take this bad boy down. She owns her own Landscaping-Tree removing service & I had the pleasure of working for her a couple of years ago to make some extra cash. Lets just say as froo froo as I am, and I held my own...ahhhhh it wasnt for me. But I sure did grow me some big pecs in the 31/2 months I worked for her.

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Life on Bonnie Lane said...

God help the tree that holds birds that poop on your head! It's a goner!

I laughed so hard at that pic of Ronnie trying to pour rice into Jordan's "rice rocket." Looks like a fun day!