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Monday, June 23, 2008

Miracles of Recovery

Id like to share with you one of my many miracles in recovery.

This story doesnt have to do w/ precious Anola sitting on my lap, as much as it does with her daddy Matt.

3 years ago, I was at my regular 12 step meeting on a Saturday morning helping set up the chairs, literature etc...then I went outside to greet any newcomers. This particular meeting was being held at our town shelter. I immediately saw this young woman, very pale, wiping tears away, standing next to a tall handsome young man probably in his early 20s. I welcomed them, offered them coffee and they politely declined. I know the woman was looking at me probably wondering if I should be trusted because of my tattoos,& piercings, but the desperation she felt provided her the courage she needed to ask me if I worked here at the shelter. "No, Im just the door greeter at this N.A. Meeting" She said she was happy that there was a meeting here, (for her brother) but first they needed to find him an emergency place for him to stay.

Matt had been staying w/ his sister & brother in law but couldnt risk keeping him at their home w/ a brand new baby, while he was only into about the second day of a difficult detox.

The shelter didnt have room for him and they were completely at their wits end.

The poor girl was so stressed out, so I asked her to leave him there and come back for him in a couple of hours. This is where the best part comes.... one of them anyway...I asked Matt if he was serious about trying to get and stay clean and sober and the poor kid was so exhausted, so willing to do anything anyone could do. I told him to raise his hand at the meeting which he absolutely needed & share his emergency needs and desire to get clean. I wanted to see if hed work past the humiliation or embarrassment Im sure it took for anyone to ask a bunch of strangers for help of any kind...He passed w/ flying colors. I saw something in this young man that was real, I cant tell you what it was other than God asking me to trust Matts willingness and trust God. I did.

I invited Matt to join us at dinner that night so he could meet Ronnie who I thought would help him feel more comfortable being a guy, plus I already knew I was going to ask Ronnie after meeting him & seeing the desire in Matts spirit if Matt could stay in one of our several unused guest rooms until he found a sober house.

Now Its not normal even for me to bring home temporary lost souls to spend a night or several in our home, especially someone experiencing detox of any kind!!!!but ya know when ya just KNOW????? well I felt that, and if it bit me in the face, I still would win cuz I was being obedient to God, now convincing Ronnie to feel what I may have been alone in feeling was going to be the work of God, not mine, but my feelings were so strong, I was convinced this was a God shot, not a Kat shot.

At that shelter meeting Matt met a young man who was the house manager who ran a mens sober house down the street from us but a bed wouldnt be available for a few as I left Matt with his sister after the meeting I figured Id never see him again, but as I was preparing dinner, the phone rang & it was Matt, he was craving and nervous cuz he didnt want to use so he asked if he could come over a little early...3 hours early!!!! we laugh today about that...But I invited him over and was soooo proud of him for reaching out.

So long story short, (too late for that) we ate, Ronnie fell in love with him as I did and he stayed with us for about a week or so and moved into the sober house. We had the privilidge of watching him make several changes during his first year in recovery.

Then Im not sure why or what happened, I guess life, but I was saddened when we lost touch. I prayed for him, I had to let go and let God, I wouldnt allow myself to go to the dark side and assume he relapsed.

2 weeks ago Ronnie and I were driving down our street & Ron said "whos that at our front door"?, we didnt recognise the luxury car...HOLY MOLY it was my Mattie!!!! he was writing a note with his new number.... "Ive been busy, he said as we embraced" I went to school and became a US Marshall! "he works for a court house and transports prisoners. He graduated at the top of his class! and "Oh I wanted you to meet my girlfriend Nicole...oh and Kat..... I want you to meet my daughter"!!!!!!! OMG I looked in the back of his car and in the car seat there she slept 2 month old Perfect lil angel. "Anola". Nicole also blessed Matt with a ready made family because she has an 8 year old son Mikey, who is a charachter.

Nicole said to me as we embraced, "I couldnt wait to meet Matts hero "Kat", he talks about how you saved his life all the time" I know I was only a part of his journey but I also know I was only following what God put on my heart.

So our BBQ on Saturday couldnt have been more perfect w/ Matts new family & now mine.

Because Nicole had to work her part time job which she just went back to after being on maternity leave, and works full time AND goes to school....they came a little earlier than our other guests, and left after spending 3 wonderful hours with us, they left feeling as full of love as we did. I just love what miracles happen when we invite them in, or when we allow others to give us not a hand out but a hand up. I wanted to share a few photos of my new family. I wanted to share with you why I am soooo committed to trying to carry the message of hope.


Tina said...

Oh Kat! thank you for sharing this story of Matt and of you. I loved reading it and thanking God for His awesome work in both of your lives. Enjoy the blessings

Cookie said...

Sorry i've been awol but what a joy to come read about this! Its such a heart touching and wonderful story Kat - you just never know when God sends angels anawares and this day, you were Matt's angel - even though his sister didn't realize it! Sometimes our testimony is all we have to open and shut doors in folks lives - and it's so important that "we let God" like you said.
You have a jewel waiting for your crown in Heaven sister. You are a joy to my heart and I love your pics - your joy BEAMS from every fiber!

Renna said...

Praise God for your obedience, Kat! God just needs our hands to extend His hand of grace and mercy and power!

BittersweetPunkin said...'ve got the award for bein' the one to make me cry first today...what a GREAT post!! You are a fabulous soul and you know the Lord sent Matt back to visit you so you could see the impact you made on his life. If you ever don't feel you don't make a difference there is proof positive that you do! Oh my... The Lord has Blessed both of you so richly!!

I am catching up on your posts now Darlin....
I am so HAPPY!!

Julie said...

How very kind of you--what a generous heart. That was inspirational. Julie

softinthehead said...

Oh Kat I am so full of emotion after reading this. You are quite a remarkable woman with a clear idea of what your purpose is in this life! Keep touching these souls and continue to give them hope....I am so impressed! Pam

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

This story brought tears to my eyes! I really need to read stories like this. It gives me hope and keeps me going in my job. It's great to hear when people keep their sobriety! And how blessed is he! Wow! I can't imagine how thrilled you were to see him again and to see his beautiful baby girl! Thanks for sharing.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

You can't see me Kat, but I'm smilin' ear to ear. You definitely were and still are Matt's angel. You paid it forward darlin' and there will be a time when Matt will do the same. No need to say God bless you because He already has. He will continue to do so too. :> )

kat449 said...

Thanks everybody...Im so happy you love my miracle family...Matt was working a job as a security officer when we met him, but always expressed his passion to become a US Marshall. This disease convinces some of us that were unworthy of our dreams coming true, but he didnt quit 5 minutes before his miracle happened. Today hes still going to school & wants to work towards becoming a Conn. State Trooper. Stay tuned...I believe!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

what a wonderful story! Blessings!

Jen said...

I've know Kat from recovery for a few years now...There are many stories not all as good as this one! But they did involve Kat doing her darn-dest to help people and she has been an inspiration for soooooo many people!