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Sunday, December 30, 2007

LUCY????ju got some splainin to do!

Last night at work I was working with a spry, energetic, young man of 21. We closed the deli on one of the busiest Saturday nights since the store has been open. (the Saturday before New Years eve, and the big football game with the Patriots (YAY) and the Giants) anyway, I was able to take my half hour dinner break but didnt have the heart to leave him alone with all those customers for both of my 15 minute breaks...although being young & hasnt mastered what being a team member is yet...he took ALL of his, and left me with these sharks...I mean customers! (thats ok, not taking mine was my choice, I get that.)

So as I was busily cleaning the HUGE mess we had created, I unrolled the large hose and began the tedious task of POWERWASHING the floor. I wish I had one of these in my kitcken. ITS AWESOME!!!!! well I turned it on and its so powerful that it made me pay attention because it clearly "was in power" but I got my groove back and Im having a ball, swaying it back and forth...under the counters, but all of a sudden, it petered out. just stopped. what the???? so "spry kid" tells me "oh Kat, you got a kink in it and have to straighten it out" problem so I spun myself around to unwind the hose to get my power back but forgot to turn the dang thing off when I did naturally my arm holding the hose when around me as well, & it was like a comedy in a movie....and Kat powerwashed the entire deli, the 3 aisles outside of the deli... about 3 customers...2 innocent employees...and if there was a partridge in a pear tree...well hed be spit shined too!

I wrestled the dang demonic control of the situation to assess the damage and it was LARGE!!! but very clean and soapy! "Spry kid"
was literally squatting in the corner laughing hysterically, which then I became infected with laughter, and couldnt even move, I was laughing so hard. I swear...I was in danger...I thought for sure I had piddled on myself! I managed somehow to get back up and I was soaked, and ran with rolls of useless inexpensive papertowels that dont absorb anything but just kind of rolls the spills around! but thank God when I rounded the corner, everyone was laughing as hard as we were. no injuries, or slip and falls.

I guess this one one of those times where its not as funny to hear it, but ya really had to be there. but when I walked out of the store and Ronnie was waiting for me and he saw the drenched mess I was, My infamous "deli do" plastered to my head and spiky pony stickin up seven ways to Sunday.... ya know what he said right??? LUCCCCCYYYYYY????? JU GOT SOME SPLAININ TO DO!!!!!!

Oh Lord after the busy night I had and another shift waiting me this morning from the deli from was good to laugh.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Awww man, I wish I was there to see that one!! That must have been hysterical! At least everythin' (and everyone) was squeaky clean! :> )

Anonymous said...

Oh Kat that sounds so funny!!!! I know the power hose you are talking about!!!! You are so funny...and Ronnie (okay....Rannie is funny too!!) xxxRobby

kat449 said...

Oh Man....I thought as the soap was flyin...."Yipee now maybe Ill get some rest and finally be able to create now that Im probably gonna get fired (tee hee) but NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO when I told my boss what happened, he rewound the footage on the security camera and they all had a great laugh!!! then they played it on slow mo...then high speed! No gettin fired!!!no rest for the weary!

Suzanne said...

Hi Kat~ thanks for stopping by my's nice to meet you! What a funny story! Glad nothing was permanently damaged...including yourself! Hope you have an uneventful day at work and a safe Happy New Year celebration!

lovetheprimlook said...

Kat, you crack me up LOL I would love to work with you...we would have a blast :) Happy New Year !!!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

thanks for the very great imagery and giggles. Yep, we're kin.