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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fa La La La La, La, La ,La Laaaaaa

So what do you think? Im finally learning how to post pictures. Im still struggling w/ being able to figure out how to organize my very messy photo album, but my friend Allie is coming back to teach me some more. I can tell, we have created a picture posting monster!!!

I am grateful and humbled to share with you, that we will indeed be celebrating Christmas after all.

I have been blessed beyond measure with employment, and was pleasantly surprized to find out that my salary will exceed more than had been discussed!... by a couple of dollars an hour more... Whoo Hoo! Ive also been asked if I could work 8 hours overtime between now and New Years... Could I ever????

Now I know that even had I not been blessed w/ this miracle, I would have still celebrated the birth of Christ, quietly, humbly, & a bit primitively. I do have my year round primitive tree displayed w/ little white faerie lights, and I would have managed cooking something. I would have even been able to provide my son & his wife with a couple of handmade gifts for their new home. I doubt however, that my youngest, single son, who has been blessed with the passion fixing & driving anything w/ wheels, and has a more than healthy dose of testosterone, would have embraced recieveing a primitive snowman for Christmas, in fact Im sure of it!

My Christian friends have gently (thank you Rilda) & perhaps not so gently reminded me w/ that the real spirit of Christmas surrounds only the birth of our Savior. And Im apt to agree, but Im a human being with Motherly instincts who often fall short in accepting these difficult realities of being a good Christian. I dont think being in a state of poverty necessarily defines whether or not I am a good Christian. I fall short of "that" title more often than not, and hasnt a thing to do with the month of December. Yet, I am no different from most everyone else feeling the stress of wanting to provide my family with a real tree that tickles our noses with the delicious smell of pine, or being able to send Christmas cards expressing my love & gratitude for all God has blessed me with, or being able to spend a little more than my weekly grocery bill with all the little sinful and high caloric holiday dinners, desserts, and cookies. I also wanted to be able to purchase a couple of nice gifts for my son & his wife, and my youngest son. Last week at this time, none of this seemed likely, but God is soooo good. so full of tender mercies.

My gift is believeing that His Grace is sufficient for me.

Ronnie and I began a tradition about 15 years ago, where we celebrate and exchange our Christmas presents to each other on New Years Eve. It affords us the extra week of sales, an extra week income, and it gives us alone time, since the kids used to go out and bring in the new year with their friends.

We cook something we dont normally have, usually lasagna, salad, & italian bread, and we always rent a couple of movies...the only deal w/ that is that they cant be violent, or scary. I dont do either anyway, but this is a rule.

Now Im busily filling a couple of orders that also came to me unexpectedly last night when a friend called asking for a private showing of my hand dids, so Ive got until the 20th to complete 2 angels and a primitive raggedy. I also mailed out my swap goodies to my partner this morning. I am so excited to create because when Im in a great mood as I am now, my creativity just flares and no one design is ever the same... Angels are indeed among us.

Im heading into the kitchen to prepare for an evening of baking Christmas cookies. Half will be kept here to enjoy, and the other half will be given to our shelter for women seeking safe refuge from domestic violence.

(Thank you God for the gentle, protective loving spirit you created in my husband, and sons, I am safe always)

Now that Ill be making a regular income, perhaps while the cookies are baking, (not burning... but baking)I can make a list of something more I can do, to let these women know that they arent alone... let them know that being a Mom, (and)I know how important it is as women to be able to provide for our children during the holiday gift giving season. I have first hand experience in feeling the depression of feeling hopeless, while the t.v. advertises all the glitter and glam of Christmas. (I felt so less than thinking I wouldnt be able to afford anything for my family, who like theirs, deserve the very best.) If anyone has any ideas in addition to sharing or donating moniterily, please email me. I welcome any creative ideas. I cannot take my blessings and run. It is a privilidge to pay it forward. Too whom much is given, much is expected. I have been given much. My gift to our Lord, will in making Him proud, and not letting Him feel sorry that He chose to answer my prayers and yours, by blessing me.


ginne6 said...

Congrats on the Job!!!! I am so proud that you are my sister I just adore you

Rilda Peel said...

What a way to witness God and His love for you. Kat just you sharing that with the other ladies will give them hope in some kinda way that opportunies will come but all in God's timing. Hope is born in Jesus Christ. He brings with salvation a hope of a better life.
Oh my Lord what a life, light and love you are. Thanks Kat for sharing your light in the dark. Love and blessings always, rilda

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

God is SO GOOD!!