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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Santa Clause... Here is my list of essentials Id be very, very grateful to find under my tree on Christmas Morning...
1) a pallet loaded with bengay
2) A case of Icy hot
3)Motrin...lots and lots of motrin.
5)Maid service
6)Horemone & mood stabilizers
7) Midol
8)Sewing machine
9)New spring loaded scissors
10)More hours in a day
11)Energy...lots and lots of energy
12)A new comfort zone...Ive seemed to lost my old one!

so Id really appreciate it if you could look in your sack of goodies and help me find some relief in this new reality of my aging process...Aging isnt for cissies! I left some cookies and know where, and dont believe Opie if he tries to tell you "grammie said its ok for you to share"...ITS NOT!!!! please send him back upstairs to bed. Thank you and see ya next year. Love and hugs, Kat.xoxoxox


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Boy oh boy! I wrote Santa a similar wish list! :> )
Merry Christmas Kat!
God bless!

kat449 said...

Hey Peanut!!!
Workin 10 hour days (or more), 6 days a week at a new busy warehouse deli, after not working for 3 months outside the home is HARD AS ....well Im sure you know!

no time to wrap, clean or cook. Im whinin... I only got what I prayed for! Thank God I was blessed w/ thee "bestest" husband who still loves me all tweaked out, hormonal, and limpin!!!!Merry Christmas to you too. hugs, Kat

Stacey said...

HAHAHAHA!! You are a woman after my own heart!!! I'm hoping that I can get a bed with a built in heating pad!!! Stop by my blog with a cup of Nog~ I've tagged you!! Have the Merriest Christmas!