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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

IVE BEEN TAGGED!!!!! (My first time!)

Ive been tagged on Christmas Eve from my very talented, funny, & amazing friend I often refer to as one of my mentor- woman heros....Stacey, from Good Wives of Washington County. She was one of the first women who reached back to me when I came on -line as a neophyte (as if Im still not) & we met on one of our primitive forums where we come together to embrace, celebrate, and encourage each other on our journey...wherever they happen to lead us.

I cannot express to you the gifts Ive recieved from Stacey, because you all bless me in so many different ways. But Stacey, or as I call her "Roons", for (Stacaroonie) has welcomed me and all of my clumsiness, politically incorrect faux paus, and gently taught me the ins and dos and not to dos, concerning on-line ettiquete. How to honor and appreciate everyones varieties of styles, designs, and personalities. The laws of the land so to speak concerning the utmost importance in remaining integrity filled when creating my own designs. and the difference between being inspired from someones work, and making sure to recognize and acknowledge any artist I choose to create a pattern from someone else. Even if... and especially when... I may alter it & add my personal is still someone elses and deserves the thanks and acknowledgement. She has taught me well. Thank you Roons.

Now...I will try to do her proud and dig deep inside and share 5 things about myself that people may not know...I am soooo excited. This is my very first time being tagged and I feel like Im such a BIG SHOT!!!! its the small things that make me want to dance...

1)I had a very short career in stand up comedy...I performed in 3 recovery clubs and 2 talent shows, but wasnt in a place in my recovery to begin working and hanging out in night clubs. I made my Step Dad very proud, he was a Professional Stand Up comic named "Little Caesar" and performed nationwide but his routine was "risque" so wasnt able to perform on Television. But did make an album!

2)I cut a ladies hearing aid off while cutting her hair, when I was in hairdressing school in 1978. She may have been my first customer, but thankfully not my last! the 3 people you never want to hear say "OOPS" is your hairdresser, tattoo artist, or gynocologist!!!!

3)I was honored on T.V. by the Mayor of New Britain, Conn. in 1993 with The Womens Leadership Award. I had helped earn $1500.00 for our client fund when I was an outreach worker for pregnant substance abusing women. I held a craft fair in our corporate office and invited the community to participate and donated everything we had made.(the fund provided emergency diapers, food staples etc...)

4) I began a program in 1994 at The Connecticut Dept. of Corrections in Niantic Ct.and taught 18 female inmates how to tap into their own creativity, and donated the supplies to teach them how to crochet, cross stitch, and embroider. When they completed their projects, they donated them back to the community that they had been arrested in and learned the awesome feeling when you give back...

5)I was recently invited to write and submit a piece of my in depth experience, strength, and hope, of the pain of active heroin addiction and the miracles and joys of recovery, and this will be included in a book that is being published now, and will be sold in book stores sometime in 2008 called "Tales of Addiction"

So now you all know a little more about me. I now have the honor to tag 5 more bloggers to share about themselves... I TAG
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Thank you Roons, this has been a blast!!!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hey Kat! Thanks for taggin' me. :> )Gee, I'll have to think this one through!
Boy, you sure are one very talented gal! Y'all should be very proud of all your accomplishments!
We have somethin' in common too, but ya have to wait to read it on my blog! :> )

Stacey said...

Oh Kat... you inspire me inside and out with who you are!! I'm a better person for knowing you and I'm honored (and blushing) to be thought so highly of. I love your honest humor that you find in life... I'm really going to have to keep up with my Kegel's when I visit your blog~ we don't need any accidents!

Anonymous said...

Okay Kat..I have done it on my blog.... my blackbirds journey ....I think I was honest...not as interesting as you are amazing!!!!

kat449 said...

Oh Gurlz.... you give me way to much credit, but thank you for the kind words, I wanted to continue telling 5 "Lucy moments" like the time I set the court house smoke detectors off by smoking in the courthouse ladies room and got soaked!!!! and the court house was locked down for an hour. and then REPRIMANDED by the crabby judge...but I didnt want to hide who I am behind my funny experiences. I wanted to share where my real spirit is fed. Hugs, Kat

Anonymous said...

Stacey is are an inspiration for sure (and I am a fan of Stacey too!!!) You are a very special person Kat!!!! xxxRobby