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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jesus...a math whiz?????

Yesterday, I was called in for a job interview at a place I had applied to, & was given the required personality assesment test, no problem, Ive done em all. 129 different ways to ask me if I can handle pressure, calm down difficult customers, and would I turn in my supervisor, or co-worker if I saw them stealing paperclips! But then they sprung on me a test with 25 math problems...they were right, THIS was a problem. It is no secret I have strengths and alot of weaknesses, but math isnt even a weakness for me, it is a fear factor. I immediately began to wiggle, panic, itch, & that old feeling of wanting to run was calling me. I count on my fingers... Once I was given a $50.00 chip to leave the blackjack table at a casino, from the man sitting next to me, because I kept asking for cards that I didnt need & it prevented him from getting the cards he needed to win! But then I heard a loud whisper in my heart that reminded me that less than an hour ago, I had shared at my 12 step group that one of my assets in my recovery was perserverence, never giving up, looking fear in the face, and my commitment to keep walking no matter what I may be facing.

AND then I was reminded how I was asking for prayer & stalking God for employment. I just hate it when God quotes me!!!!!How could I possibly give up when Im always preaching my favorite mantra; "Dont quit 5 minutes before your miracles about to happen"

So I took a breath and giggled at the fact that they only gave me one small piece of scrap paper! and whats up with the small eraser on the stumpy pencil? When I completed the test, that scrap piece looked like the chalk board that Russell Crowe was doing his math problems in his movie "Beautiful Mind"

I couldnt begin to tell you one question or problem I was asked, there were fractions, decimals, averages...oh and then about 6 of "if Sally had 4 rolls of ribbon with only 4/5ths of a roll on it, and she needed to wrap 8 presents, how much ribbon was used on each gift???what the???? If I were Sally I would be using sticky bows!!!!! I did the best I could, took a breath and handed it in to the woman while she graded it in front of me AND the other 3 applicants.... The only thing missing was my second grade teachers red pencil and bad breath, Could I have felt any more humiliated? I was in an office, there HAD to be a loaded gun around here somewhere....I heard the woman giggle, and I thought O.M.G. she is laughing at my horrible math, and she said "Kat, the reason im laughing is because you were so nervous and you aced it" I did? (no guts, no glory) how many did I get wrong? she said "none, you got em all right" I said are you SURE you have the name right? sho nuff. Now I KNOW I did not have a thing to do with any part of that test. So I just had to share this amazing gift from Jesus. I went for the drug test and signed the release form for the dentist to prove that he did in fact perscribe me the pain meds in my system, & hopefully since this job I applied for seems to be Gods personalized will for me, I should be working soon. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for all who have been keeping me lifted in prayer.

Should any of us quit 5 minutes before our miracles are about to happen???? You do the math!!!!


Stacey said...

Good for YOU! I am mathmatically challanged also and I'm sure that I would have winced at that also! You are right, never give up. I'm so glad that you got it all right there girlfriend!! I would have been thinking up some funny gems to say to distract from my horrid math!!! I always leave your words having learned more!

Stace Cadet

Rilda Peel said...

Hallelujah!! A great story my sister friend. God is so wonderful and faithful to do what He does perfectly and that is do for us what we can't or don't seem to have the courage to do ourselves. I am so Happy He is always there cheering us on. You have been lifted up in prayer by many so we must expect the best for when God is in it ~it works out. Praising Him for you and you success. Love, rilda

Anonymous said...

Love the story Kat!!!! You are clever than you thought!!!! xxxRobby

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I am sitting here cheering for you and the Lord. Happy tears in my eyes. And I oh so really get it with the Math. I really do. it is a terminal road block.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

oh Kat this brought tears to my eyes and I so witness to it, and it was like you described me when you said
"THIS was a problem. It is no secret I have strengths and alot of weaknesses, but math isnt even a weakness for me, it is a fear
factor. I immediately began to wiggle, panic, itch, & that old feeling of wanting to run was calling me. "
this really ministered to may alot! From my heart Thank You for sharing this
Hugs Sherrie