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Thursday, November 29, 2007


The last of Theodore has been eaten. He went down in a blaze of glory in the form of homemade turkey stewp. (half stew, half soup) I wasnt able to give my elderly neighbor a donated turkey this year, as Ive done in the past, but I brought her a large pot of my stewp with 2 tubes of crackers to enjoy. When I came home the next day, she left the clean empty bowl w/ a note pad w/ kitties on it, and a small plaque celebrating friendship on my deck. How sweet is she?

I cant believe how fussy, spoiled, & ungrateful, Opie and Mr. O'Malley are. Trying to be an extra good grammie this year(I know Santas probably keeping tabs on me) so, I take the time to cook up & dice Theodores neck and gizzards, sprinkled them w/ onion powder, & a large tablespoon of fresh sausage stuffing mix, all blended together, presented as a gourmet gift of love that Rachel Ray would deem fantabulous, and Mr. O'Malley looks at me like I had 3 heads, turned his fussy nose up & runs away, so I put the bowl down for Opie, he takes a whiff...& pushes the bowl under the kitchen table w/ his nose where he tries to hide everything he doesnt want to eat. Ya...this coming from a 27 lb. cat and a dog who snacks in the litter box!!!!!! I finally put the bowl out on the deck and figured "Charlie" our resident squirrel would appreciate my efforts, and they sort of were, when I went out to retrieve the bowl on Thanksgiving morning, Charlie had licked the stuffing off the entree, & left remenants of the gizzards and neck...(.thank you Charlie). even though I think it was a "mercy lickin" No note pads or plaques from him though!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, December is my absolute favorite time of year. On Dec.2nd, I celebrate my oldest sons birthday. I cannot wait until I can share with you what I made for him, but until he gets it in the mail, Mums the word. Hes my number one fan and reads my blog entries so I can only say I had a ball making his gift. I cannot believe my "Stinky" is going to be 27 years old. He lied to me about 23 years ago, when he was 4 and PROMISED me he would NEVER grow up...he did. I remember when he was in the U.S. Airforce and sent me photos of he and his unit in full Military Police regalia, and all I could see thru my tears of pride was his adoreable little blonde curls, and sweet face while he was sitting on the pottie, pushin for a cookie!!!!
Hes gonna kill me for sharing that, but hell completely understand someday when he becomes a parent. I enjoy reflecting on his face blowing out his candles on his favorite catterpillar cakes I used to make him each year., & then opening up his He-man action figures and tucking him in with is one legged Teela. I think our Cocker Spaniel "Mickie" disabled Teela, it was a great oppertunity to teach him the value of loving people with disabilites. And "love her" he did.

So Im in all my glory playing ALL of my Christmas music, and watching my all time favorite Christmas movie "Prancer" which has already been enjoyed.( I usually clear the room with that one) Ive begun baking my Christmas cookies, and Ive begun slowly decorating our home. I have been busy making a couple of Christmas presents, pushing my sewing machine beyond legal limits to complete projects for my upcoming show on the 8th. I completed a beautiful whimsical snowgirl Ive named "SNOWFIA" a bit of primitive, a whole lot of whimsy. I painted her face and blessed her with large clownlike eyelashes, & adorned her with a bright red Christmas "bigatzu" which is a Polish word for headband. I wear them all the time when Im creating, and sporting an old paint spattered apron....quite the site. I sent a pic of Snowfia to my friend Robby and she told me I did a great job but adamantly expressed to me that she was absolutely "ONLY PRIM" appreciater. (sorry Robby, I only follow whatever God pulls up outta me) I hope she doesnt call the prim police on me! (smile)

And prim she is. She sent me the most adoreable "very prim" star she made with a hand sewn pocket with a sprig of greenery tucked inside of it. It will grace my year round prim tree for many years to come. Thanks Robby, I love you too.

In ending this weeks entry, Im going to share with you my commitment to put more "Christ" in my Christmas and less emphasis on Santas, shopping, and fronting, all in the name of "spirit".

Maybe God felt it important to get my attention with my financial squeeze, by forcing me to HAVE to appreciate the real "spirit" of this Christmas with the elegance of simplicity. The joy of giving. The beauty of friendship and blessing each other with spirit inspired ornaments, maybe Ill attempt making my own Christmas cards this year. Ive got the supplies, Ive got the time, and Ive got the need. Im also going to work on forgiving myself, embrace some recent changes in my life, pray for employment, use my time wisely while Im not employed. Im going to give thanks for all I have. and I have MUCH.

My prayer request this week is for the immediate relief of the horrific pain Ive been in from the trauma I experienced when I was mugged 18 months ago and was kicked in my mouth. I lost 2 teeth in the top front!!!, my jaw was fractured, and a bone in my nose was cracked. So until Im able to afford the extensive repairs I need, I suffer with recurring infections every 7 or 8 months and Im incapacitated until the anti biotics and pain meds begin to work. Id appreciate all of your prayers.

Ive got neked snowmen, raggedies, and angel head make dos waiting to be completed and put on the single bed springs Ive had Ronnie diligently dismember from a twin bed we were throwing away. Ive got patterns and designs cut out and awaiting my attention. I am going to spend the day painting, baking, sewing, and healing. My "bigatzus" in place, my apron is on., the ora-gels been slathered generously and tastes yucky but Im numbed to the gills, & my lab-ora-tory of life awaits me.
I hope you all feel the beauty and importance of true spirit of Christmas, you have all improved the quality of mine.


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Good Morning, Kat.
thanks for visiting my blog again.
Ouch, I hear you on the pain - I still suffer from a car accident from when I was in college. No fun. Been mugged as well, sort of but that is a different story all in itself. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds as if it was delicious with loads of friends to drop by. I am thinking of you with great affection and His most perfect Love.

kat449 said...

Hey Blondie,
I visit your blog every day... Im not a crazy stalker...ok, so Im not a stalker! I just dont want to miss a Blondi-ism. tee hee. I just adore being a small part of your life thru blogland. It amazes me about how you and I are on the same page in so many areas of our crazy lives. Married w/ children, hair stylist, artists, lovers of vintage, prim, folkart, fur babies and head over heels in love with Jesus. Thank you for letting me in...hugs, Kat

ginne6 said...

Hope you are feeling better Sis.
Sounds like you are very busy.
You are in my prayers daily.
Love and Miss You


Stacey said...

doin the healing dance for ya! Tis a tad busy here and yes...carcasses all over. O goode thing for this dollie maker~ sending hugz your way!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

(((Howdy Hey Sweet Kathleen)))
Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful!
I really enjoy your blog!!
I have prayed for you and now will continue to keep you in my prayers too..
Remember It is written "By His stripes we are healed!"

kat449 said...

Hi Sherri,
I hope you recieved my email. I want to come over & play in your blog but need your permission, can I???please? I so miss reading it and learnig all you teach by living your life of excellence.

Thanks so much for your prayers. Hugs, Kat