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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is one week from today. Yet that doesnt mean I dont feel a spirit of Giving Thanks "every day". I think you all know, "who" and "what" I am so very thankful for...Living a life that has been spared time and time again, keeps me on my knees thanking God every morning and each night for blessing me with a daily reprieve to live my life with a spirit of excellence, & the "well" that supplies me with gratitude keeps me compelled to give back to the very best of my ability. It is not an obligation, it is a privilidge.

When youve lost precious people, places, and things in your life, and then being blessed with a second and hundredth chance to do it all over again & rebuild, you tend to get up and honor God, the Universe, and the mentors who believed in you on that journey back to the living.

One of those mentors Id like to share with you is a woman Ill call "Mary" .It seems fitting that in this season of giving, that I share with you what this one woman God has done has done just by being obedient to God when He didnt just whisper to her, but kind of insisted that she reach out to me. Mary giggles and teases me when she shares this w/ me, she says, she said to God..".Are you sure Lord, that you want me to open my heart to this one? and maybe not someone else??? someone "not" so difficult?" "Nope the Lord said...Your assignment is to take Kat with her broken self & love her back to life"...and did she ever. She expressed to me years later when I questioned her as to why she took such a risk w/ me? why did she believe in me? and she said, she "didnt" believe in "me" at first, she believed in "God" first. Then she humbly replied, that sometimes loving the seemingly unloveable, unapproachable, or really lost, is what real lovers of Christ do, she said helping, loving, and guiding... happy, joyous and free people are easy, almost like preaching to the choir. What a valueable lesson for me. This is soooo true.

I came to Mary so untrusting, rough, angry, scarred, labeled, sick and suffering, and pummeled with issues of post traumatic stress disorder from the abuses I suffered from my childhood and then situations I had put myself in from the throes of addiction.

Every Wednesday morning for the last 3 years, I went to her office for an ahour and a half. She never charged me, judged me or put conditions on me. Each visit was only contingent on my continued sobriety. and Im not going to bore you w/ the blow by blows of our journey, and its to personal and precious to share anyway, but for those of you who know me, its no secret that Im commited to giving back all Ive been touched with, Ive been blessed w/ the unbelieveable gift of finding the passion of creating, sewing and painting, and have a love for whimsical and primitive art that probably borders on unhealthy.

I have been blessed with the miracle of healing through Gods mercy, and amazing grace and my message today is that when we follow Gods will in our lives, even when we would rather follow our own, that lives are touched, blessed, and beautiful wings are grown. Butterflies are born and Katerpillars die. So I thank Mary for giving me a part of her spirit, time, and treasures. One of the reasons I am so commited to rebuilding my life, and constantly pushing myself and improving it, is to Honor the women just like Mary who have believed in me when I didnt.

Well Im a part of another swap...A Christmas Swap. OOHHHH Im so excited, because my partner loves snowmen, raggedies,& salt box houses...My sewing machine has been smokin. Im also filling a couple of orders for Christmas gifts, & making a few of my own, Im making lots of primsical, & whimitive goodies to sell. Im in a craft fair on Dec. 8th, so Im in my glory, & working hard to build an inventory that will hopefully make people want to decorate their homes for the holidays and surprise their loved ones with a couple of my designs and there any better kind of pressure????

Im planning my shopping list and menu for our Thanksgiving dinner. My youngest son Jordan, has moved back home last Friday to help save for another car, since someone felt evil enough to steal his. So Im not an empty nester WWWHHOOO WHHOOOO. he actually asked if I had anything to do with his car being stolen. LOL. Im a little sad that my oldest son wont be home for this holiday but Im also thrilled that he and his wife are celebrating these upcoming holidays in their brand new home. How very exciting. Im going to ask Santa to bring me more big girl panties, Ive been having to wear my old ones an awful lot this past year.

My wish for all of you on this season of giving thanks, is that you all feel the beautiful presence of God, or Your Higher Power in your lives and feel much peace. I wish for you much health, uncommon favor, abundance, and mindblowing miracles, as Miss Blondie says" may you be embarrassed w/ blessings" I pray that were all open to believing that "we already have all we need". "That we all "want" what we already have". Im usually to caught up in wanting what I dont have rather than thanking God for all I do have. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....

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