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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Harvesting the Blessings

Happy Harvest...

The groceries have been purchased, "Theodore" the 23 lb. turkey is on the bottom shelf of the fridge thawing, the things to do lists are made, and invites have been out. Theodore was "free" because I had spent a certain amount of money at our grocery store during November...I wonder how "free" poor Theodore feels sitting in the bottom of my fridge!!!!! STILL,I am a happy woman.

I didnt ask for because I cook enough for an army, and I like to be surprized. Ive always done better inviting a crew of friends, and they seem to visit in twos or threes at a time. Feeling welcome with our open house, open door kind of tradition. I have invited several people from a local halfway house to join us for dinner, because I know in early recovery, sometimes the holidays are hard. Heck, I know sometimes the Holidays are hard for late bloomers as well. In the past, these men and women surround our table and then while we serve desserts, and coffee, we dim the lights, light a couple of candles, and have an informal gratitude meeting. My husband and I have been humbled many times with the amount of gut level sharing some of these often tough exteriored recovering people share from.

Im also very happy that my youngest son Jordan will be sharing dinner with us this year. Last year, I only saw him for dessert and coffee, but this year since he moved back home with us, hes MINE....ALL MINE!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

My oldest son will be sharing Thanksgiving w/ his wife in their new home for the first time, and although Ill miss him, Im very happy for him. Very proud, that he is a homeowner at such a young age.

Some of these people Ive invited, I havent even met, they are friends of friends who know I dont like to be without the warmth of friendship on the holidays either, so no, this has nothing to do with charity. I sent the halfway houses an open invite for either dinner and or coffee and desserts. my home is within walking distance. I just get a kick out of the end result, because we just never know who, or how the day will end, but weve never been disappointed.

I would like to share about the amazing friends I have in my life, I heard my husband yelling from downstairs yesterday while I was answering my emails, "Honnnnn????, did you order something from Kentucky????" so I came barreling down the stairs at a dangerous rate of speed speed for a woman my age....and I was getting ready to defend the fact that I couldnt afford to order anything since weve been faced with some recent changes, Ive been seeking part time employment, and I realized this heavy box wasnt anything I ordered at all. Whew.... It was a box loaded w/ prim stamps, clear acrylic blocks for the stamps, 2 back issues and one recent, of my favorite magazine, prim notecards, prim this and prim that...I felt like I was in PRIM HEAVEN!!!!!! The postage alone must have cost a Kings randsom. It was from a friend who just wanted to surprize me, and make me happy! and did she ever. I was naturally as joyful as a child on Christmas morning, unwrapping my goodies one at a time, savoring each one, but I was more touched with the fact that I have precious friends in my life, who not only mean the world to me, but I obviously mean much to them as well.

Then my friend Robby asked me if I had recieved anything in the mail from her recently? and I said "no why what did you send? and she wasnt talking!!!! hhmmm, (shes a sneaky one that one...) what did I do to deserve these friends in my life? No... really??? what did I do? I want to make sure I keep it up!!!!

So since Ill be busy job hunting, cleaning, unloading fabric, paint, and patterns, and searching for my dining room table to decorate, preparing for our Thanksgiving dinner, I wont be posting until after Thursday. I hope each and every one of you are blessed, and not just feasting on delicious homemade dinners, desserts and goodies, but feasting on the gratitude of the blessings in our lives. You are all blessings to me.

Kats Thanksgiving Menu....

Theodore...the turkey.
sausage and apple stuffing,
real mashed potatoes, w/ ranch dressing, real bacon, and sour cream.
whipped sweet potatoes
sliced apples ,yams, with marshmallow topping
cranberry sauce served in hallowed out oranges
fresh green bean casserole
hot dinnerrolls

homemade apple pie ala mode
boston cream pie
pumpkin pie
chocolate cream pie
and coffee. lots of coffee.

The only presents required, is your presence...and stretch pants!!!!!


Stacey said...

Kat~ You truly bring Thanksgiving home for so many. All they have to do is walk through your door and be fed, body and soul! I miss you dearly my friend and am glad to let the sewing machine cool off for a few afternoons! I know that you really do have blessings, to the moon and back!


Rilda Peel said...

Blessings my friend and sister Kat! Just a note to say I appreciate you and am thrilled you have a blog. We can be like little girls learning how to play in a grown up world. hehe! Just wanted you let you know I am proud of you and who knows how and what you will say here to minister to us for God is so wonderful to touch us right where we are so we are never alone. Sending love and blessings always. *U* rilda