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Thursday, March 25, 2010

See Any Flying Pigs????

Cuz they sure are flyin around here....big ones, little ones...& they all have BLOGS!
On this day Thursday March 25th 2010 "I" have finally mastered how to add blog links to my side bar.....Yeah theyre flyin all right....ohh man I hope they havent just eaten...ohhh yeah I have experience with those pigeons & I didnt feel lucky, I just felt GrOsS!

Even suffering from a gall stone/bladder attack/issue AND doing shots of mucinex & zycam from a chest cold to add to this fun filled day....I sat up here wishing I had a gurney, w/ several versions of "adding blog/links/ directions in my hand...I think I need to quit my day job...ooops I dont have a day job, LOL but if I did....Id quit... to begin writing a book embracing my spin on Blogging for Dummies! Helping those with LDs...chest colds & Gallbladder issues.

Miracles DO happen...Those of you who know me & my frustrations of feeling less than...stupid...defective....when I finally do something especially on this computer...even feeling painfully "Galled"
I am on a high that you can only imagine...
Now I have to figure out how not to have the "Blog List" title posted each & every time I add someone new...ahhhhh I reeeeeeeeally needed this accomplishment today.

I was frustrated when I called my Doctors office with symptoms of a possible gall bladder attack/or stones or sumpthin awful.
Ive been suffering from since yesterday morning, nausea, low grade fever,extreme pain on the right side under my rib cage whenever I exhale, & a variety of other symptoms a little too personal to enthrall you with...& I cant get an appt.until April 9th @ 3:30!!! when I expressed my concern the perky little nurse suggested I go to the ER.
(Bite me)
Did I say thaaaaaat?
So until the pain or said symptoms increase...Ill just continue driving my husband crazy with my list of complaints .
Thats what good husbands Kats world.

So I hope you all get a kick out of the complete joy Im feeling...If I can do this...what else can I do....
well Im going to think big & close for now so I can go apply to be a Tech Support Customer Service Rep for Google, or Yahoo.........yup them pigs arent the only ones flyin!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Kat...if it gets really bad do go to the ER...I had my gall bladder out a few years ago and I SUFFERED for hours before bringing myself to the hospital.....I drove myself because I didn't want to wake up my hubby because I was SURE it was an upset stomach. Be persistent about getting in the Dr...they'll get tired of hearing from you and squeeze you in!!


Renna said...

Do your best to avoid fried or fatty foods, as they'll sure prompt an attack. My first attack which landed me in the ER followed a meal of brisket (marbly meat, ya know). I had mine removed several years ago, and don't miss it a bit! ;-)

I'll say some prayers for your good health!

Renna said...

PS-I just noticed you have my blog under the category of "blogging kinfolk". It was probably an accident, but it doesn't bother me a bit, since I think of you as a sistah in God's family! :-)