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Friday, March 12, 2010

Simple Blessings

My new BFFE (sorry Jody, but I KNOW you understand)

The spring has sprung...the flowers has riz...I wonder where dem boidies is! :)

My Husband & I had thee best time last weekend when we drove our "new to us" truck "Leaping LuLu" to Jersey to see the kids. Shes a GREAT lil truck..smooth & good on gas.
We left on Sat. morning & arrived after a little "Dufus Detour" (note to self...purchase a GPS ASAP) after 11:30am...keeping in mind we left Ct. at 6:15am & it should have only been a 4 hour drive!

We were so surprized to see how much Natalie Josephine had grown. The last time we saw her was a couple of weeks after she was born last we had a bLaSt with her silly faces, sweet disposition & affectionate personality.
What a joy this baby girl is.
Please allow me to brag for a minute...she knows how to wave goodbye, she will rasberry if... you do first & sometimes on her own when her mouth is full of sweet potatoes! LOL she will high 5 you...& truth be told I caught Grandpa trying to teach her to "Grunt" so shell leave a little sumpthin in her diaper at any given time! Well keep that one between us k?

She just about broke my heart when we were leaving on Sunday & saying our heart wrenching goodbyes, I had already kissed & hugged her thru my tear streaked face & as I began to turn away she stretched her little arms out for me to hold her...AAARARARGGHHHHH! OMGAWD!!!!!Ronnie had whispered under his breath..."How accurate "do" you think those Amber alerts really are?" LOL

I cried until we hit the G.Washington Bridge in N.Y. & only stopped being distracted cuz we got pushed into an EZ Pass toll booth & ummmm...we didnt have an EZ human toll person, only about 15 angry , honkin, bird flippin, NY drivers...thank God a CT. driver behind us inched his way in reverse & allowed us to back up & get the hell outta Dodge!
I swear Ronnie did that to get me to stop the wailing comin out of me! LOL it worked....sniff sniff.
God I love this man!

Well see them all again in June when they come home for my sons best friends wedding & WE get to babysit!!!

This visit was wonderful because I witnessed what a fabulous team my son & daughter in law make.
Their home is organized like a tight oiled ship...I couldnt be prouder of Lana & her housekeeping skills & was inspired & quite envious to see what a passion it is for her...especially with a full time job, husband AND 9 month old baby! You Go Girl!
I came home with a new found desire to un-clutter, organize, spring clean & scour my own home...hence the upcoming photos.
I have been working non stop since Monday morning & have torn apart my kitchen.
And now I cant stop.....I am not proud to admit, I have learned that after working full time, then having 2 surgeries to recontruct my thumb, a bout of depression, my home was severely neglected & I might add...abused. Our home is pretty big for just Ronnie & I. But were here now& will bloom where were planted.

I have realized that although I am not a legal "Hoarder" I do have an unhealthy attatchment to "Stuff"
Ive done some therapy concerning this revelation & believe growing up in such poverty, & then losing so much during my dark period of life when battling heroin addiction, that when I was blessed & saved by God & embraced continued sobriety many years ago, I thought having stuff filled that insatiable hole in my soul....with things...I was wrong.
I was just plain overwhelmed.
Since simplifying, scouring, throwing away, letting go, & then organizing...I have found such a freedom. This was such a cleansing process. I KNOW Im not dishonoring my sister or my Mom by throwing, donating, or selling things I dont need or want anymore.

The kitchen was the first of 7 more rooms & a huge basement to follow....I am on a mission. Ive also noticed that because of loving the end results, Im quite motivated to wake up each morning & start another room.
Im unstoppable.
Im scaring my husband.

Im off to the dollar store again this morning to re-up on my cleaning supplies, & more plastic containers.
One of the areas Im trying to embrace & look forward to is finding a place to organize & create a "Studio friendly" room. I have soooo many art, paint, & doll making supplies, so much fabric waiting to be stacked & used, so many small pieces of furniture Ive picked up at tag sales or antique shops that Ive put away to restore, Ive got so many books & magazine collections that I need to find space for & commit to weed out. Ill never part with some favorites like Create & Decorate, Mercantile Gathering, Where Women Create & now The Simple life... but I am looking forward in having what some consider a legal studio to go & "Just Be"
This adventure had afforded me the realization that this new organized life is a way to honor my authentic self.
Ive been so lost.
I posted a picture of an angel I tried to create from Robin Seeber & "Outside The Box" I found her pattern in Create N Decorate magazine. I giggle cuz Ive read many artists who are rightfully upset because theyve been copied without being mentioned as original artist or having the respectful credit when re-creating their work....

Im sure hoping I dont upset Robin because I "did" try to copy her.... & FAILED miserably! LOL This angel is my first one from Robin & although I happen to think shes cute, I couldnt for the life of me figure out Robins original wings....I had to surrender & accept my angel would be flying around with these..... mine....We just cant afford a stay at Betty I sold out & settled for mine.
The other photos are pretty self explanatory....The Wheres Waldo looking pooch is my "Opie" takin one of his many morning snoozes, I hate disturbing him to make the bed, but... things are a changin and theres a new sheriff in town & shes spring cleaning like a loonatic!


Jess said...

Hi Kat! I love your blog...your do and your attitude on LIFE...definitely a fan - I will be back for your next fairytale! LOL - Now, (thanks to you), I have to go clean...I don't think I have 1 lid that matches any of my bowls....


Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

haha, hey kat!! i think you did good!!! practice makes perfect, thanks for sharing her, and thanks for the mention...have a great weekend.. robin