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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heart Strings with fur....& a baby in a big red pot.!

Happy Sunny Thursday Everyone....
I met some wonderful online friends & when I shared about our rather Large Mainecoone Cat Mr. O'malley,

They wanted to know why I didn't have any recent photos of him on my blog...well I do have pictures of fat boy on here, but they're not recent. So here ya go...... he is such a ham..yuckin it up for the camera....then his very jealous housemate Opie became a little out of sorts & began the " HEYYYYY!!!!What about me?" Im not one to break here's all that makes my heart skip a beat or two....

I found these 2 absolute adoreable pics of Natalie Jo on my daughter in laws FB page & Grammie just had to have....I told her the one in the pot puts a whole new spin on bein on the Pot-ty! LOL
Then there were a bunch of cute sayings that Lanas' FB friends were posting about what Nat could have been thinking with her little dainty finger under her chin...well we all know she was "really" wondering when shes gonna see Grammie & Pops again???!

As some of you know, Ive been in "The Zone" with my recent much needed spring cleaning...'s the thing....I cant STOP! This poor house has been so neglected for a variety of excuses, some even justifiable & understandable in the beginning, then I just got plain overwhelmed, disgusted & depressed. I felt like such a fraud visiting so many other fabulous blogs when my home felt so uncomfortable living here.
Since cleaning, scouring walls,appliances, windows, cabinets, un-cluttering & reorganizing every drawer & closet, every nook & cranny simplified. I feel as if Ive gotten a new purpous in life....yet another second chance at making my house a home...
Celebrating "Primitive Simplicity" I dont feel fraudulent any longer, when I visit you.....Now if I could just find someone to hire & decorate my blog..make it networking friendly.

If any of you know someone who would be willing to work with me for a reasonable price, Id sure appreciate it. I'm looking for maybe a new background, Id like to add widgets,maybe a new border, add links & a follower thingy...something with some POP that would increase my ability to "keep" the friends I make.

I understand why some get upset, feel slighted & don't return nor do they leave comments,. I "get" that I truley do... But those who know me understand its not because I'm selfish or rude, but am unable to update my blog alone..there's very little I know of that I can do on my own anyway....I need help.
Asking or reaching out is not always easy....but I'm finally in a place where complacency is'nt nearly enough nor is it acceptable to me....
I'm embracing change inside, & outside..& I've heard..."If you don't go'll go without..." Ive been without long enough.
Any Takers? Suggestions? Know someone who knows someone?
Edited to express my sheer joy when I attempted once add the "Follow Me Thingy" on my own & low & behold...... I may have learning disablities but I am a StUbBoRN woman...I went into my blog guts like Schwartzenhager......& another cuppa coffee & Im going to try to add some links...."I'LL BE BACK!"OMG Im unstoppable! LOL

New beginnings everywhere..thank you Springtime!


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...


I would be HAPPY to help you with your blog!!!!!
please email me at or call me at 434-263-6508...I don't charge anything for helping out friends!!!!! ~

Your grand-angel is adorable!
so are your pets (& hubster too...couldn't leave him out!)
By the way, I was born & raised in Stratford, CT...only been here in VA for 7 years this coming August...

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Blessed be,
Lori from Notforgotten Farm

Kat449 said...

Lori...Thank you so much from the bottom of my thinks Im in love.....I am amazed at(gratefully only) a couple of artisans/bloggers who have taken offense for my inability to learn as quickly as theyre able to....Im not stupid, Im able & more than illing to learn, its just got to be presented to me if you were teaching a 5 year old.....a very young & nrevous 5 year old...LOL so thank you for your amazing grace. I have been overwhelmed with some of the women willing to help me...I just need to work thru feeling like I may be a burden when they realize how difficult this can be for thank you for your offer. I will be contacting you soon. You have blown my heart away!

dabeave said...

Hoping I can finally comment on your blog, you know the frustration I've been through with that. I love you, Girlfriend

dabeave said...

Wooooooooooot wotttttttttttttttttt, I'm IN!!!!!! Muwhahahahahahahaha

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Darlin'....thanks for the loveliest comment on my are soooooo sweet. I am always happy to help with bloggie things...just give a holler.

Love ya,

Renna said...

Kat, I'm glad you got offers for helping you with the blog. I am just not techie enough for this stuff, myself. A good (online) friend of mine updated mine for me last time, but she's now gone back to college full time. When I get ready for a new makeover, I'll have to figure something out, too!

I'm sorry you thought I wasn't getting your comments on my blog recently. I didn't realize I'd changed the settings that prevented comments from appearing until I'd moderated them. I assume I made that setting change, but I have no memory of doing so. Of course, that's only one of many things I do, but don't remember! ;-Þ