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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring Everyone....
In my last blog entry, the sun was shining brightly, my windows were wide open, I was spring cleaning like a woman on a mission, & after 4 days of being wildly spoiled with the big warm, yellow ball in the sky...we were hit with the reality that the earth needing a good scrubbing as it rained...and rained and rained some more.

So I took that time to take a much needed break & decided to feed my soul & paint...
I usually always give or sell my finished projects, but I have made the exciting decision to keep all of my recent work.
Sooooo I distressed an old piece of oval shaped wood with a couple of layers of black & cream colored paints...then I sanded the entire piece so the black poked out heavily on the sides & at random on top....I couldnt wait to paint this "John Sliney" salt box on it & gave it an oil based burnt umber wash, then stained it with a darker shade of walnut minwax. Then lastly sealed it with a matte varnish. Im very happy with it.

Then Im almost done putting the finishing touches on my "Spring Bunny" (my own design) Im in the process of painting some wooden eggs & some heavily grunged osnaburg carrots, & a couple of muslin primitive peeps to keep her company as she celebrates Spring.
Her name is "Opal"

I want to thank my new online friend "Miss Lori" from "Not Forgotten Farm"
In my last post, in dire, desperate, frustration of not being able to figure out posting some of my favorite blogs...even after a couple of wonderful online friends emailed me directions in the past & still couldnt make it happen....I offered to pay someone willing to step in & help me...not long after posting my plea...within the hour, Lori left me a comment & generously offered to help me... then she made time & CALLED ME! Is she too sweet????she said shed be happy to help if she could & friends dont charge friends...I was overwhelmed with this act of kindness.

She tried to walk me thru it, & for whatever reason my blog dashboard was being stubborn I gave her my info to hop on board & take the reins...& evidently God is insisting "I" figure this one out on my own...because when she tried to help me, my blog chose to act loyal to me & told her because she wasnt the original blog author, she couldnt gain access! HHHMMMPH!

As you can see I managed to include her blog link while practicing on my own...but because it was a mistake..I don't know how to do it again...AAAARRRGHHHH! I am no quitter...I am going back in today & going to suit up & show up again...THIS MEANS WAR!

Anyway I just wanted to make sure & thank Lori from the bottom of my heart. I promised to pay it forward & do my best to try & lighten someone elses load & perform a random act of kindness. Being nice sure is catching.

So this "Housewife of Hartford County" going to start her day & embrace it with all shes got...Hope to see you soon...


Tina said...

I've given you an award on my blog. Feel free to accept it and not worry about passing it on if you wish. I just wanted you to know that you bring sunshine with your sharing.

City.Girl.Em said...

Kat, I feel terrible~I would have done the links for should have asked me. I'm glad Lori helped you, but really I should have.

I'm a sorry.

kat449 said...

AWWWWW Tina...thank you...thank you for the blog award, & in lieu of all the directions needed to post it...Ill just accept it w/ heartfelt gratitude..the directions alone scared me..hence my name Scaredy Kat! LOL

& Em...Silly DID help me & sent me the ez pz directions...It was "me" who couldnt figure them worries and no name calling!

Renna said...

Oh, Kat, I feel your frustration. None of this computer stuff came (or comes) easy for me, either. I was so blessed to have an online friend who also offered to take the reigns on mine to get me started, only mine was a tad more accommodating, and actually allowed her access to the 'private' door. ;-Þ Plus, she taught me a lot, too. Don't feel dumb, it all just takes time and experience. I think you're doing great!, and the new doll is dahling! ;-Þ