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Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Happiness

What a FABULOUS Easter weekend we had at our home. Thank you to Kat & Rick, our dear friends from the Boston area drove so many miles on a busy holiday just to spend their Easter with husband was in his ever loving glory having WII buddies....MANIACS! thats what they are...well I am too when it comes to WII Bowling & Tennis....but shootin stuff? thats when they lose me. LOL Im sure Im not alone waking up to stiff, right shoulders. LOL What a work out..and nothing got broken in our home.
My thumbs are both heavily wrapped & rubbed with some stanky Bengay & stretchy support bandages..I think I may have over worked time to pay the thumb piper today!

I posted this little bunny girl I made, & have displayed in my wooden bowl with some wooden eggs, carrots, & rag balls on my dining room table.

Then I completed this wooden oval I painted. I just LOVE John Slineys style of old primitive scenes. Then I had fun making a bunch of prim carrots, with torn fabric for leaves on their tops, & stamped a letter "C" secured with a little twine to keep them in sets of 3.

I am soo excited about the way my whimsical & funky bird feeder came out. I used my husbands Plowing stakes that he tags tricky areas to plow but not "hit" as a base, I painted them, ( took close to an hour to remove the slivers I got from painting these suckers! I made 2..but will be making more to sell.
I think they may be good sellers at craft fairs. The camera doesnt do them justice, theyre really bright & although I sealed them with a satin varnish, they look glossy. The birds just sit there pecking at all the free seed....Im thinking of making a tag & stamped something cute on it like... "The Seed Feed Cafe...Every Birdy Welcome" then lamenated it to protect them from our ever changing New England elements.

Our friends who joined us yesterday for untraditional Easter BBQ ( I am so happy the spiral ham Po Po didnt arrest me) loved the little Native American Angel I made & named "Quilting Bear" for Kat..yup another Kat....we were celebrating her belated birthday & I once again used Robin Seebers from "Outside The Box" adoreable pattern. I not only need the practice, I just love these angels I found from her exciting Create n Decorate spread she did a couple of months ago. But I tired to artistically embrace Kats Native American Heritage, so I am so happy I think I captured that. I carefully glued a sprig of Sweet grass & sage to her hands & smudged her with some of my own as I prayed for this little angel to protect Kat & help bless her with creative energy & inspiration.

And whats up with the 100 lb Virgin Mother Mary sittin on my dining room table you ask? LOL
Our friends Matt & Nicole who bought their very first beautiful home.... & was showing us their little piece of Heaven of land...& I was immediately drawn to this old Gal...(no disrespect, I love Mary, but she was so tattered, torn, & primitive) Nicole explained that the previous owners insisted they keep her...& they thought that was sweet but poor Mary was a little crispy lookin! & Nicole was like...."Ohhh Nooooooo.... "Im" not throwing her away..Im not gonna have to answer to THAT when the time comes" Yeah Im not sure many would feel "Right" about throwing the Virgin Mother out. LOL So I asked Nicole if I could take her home & spiff her up with an overhauling of Gesso, paint, varnish & a little love..Im sure up for the challenge!
So todays the day I begin giving Mary an extreme make over. I promised bathtubs!

Has anyone seen the first issue of "Prim" magazine???? OMGOODNESS! What a wonderful many of our friends in our dollmaking community are celebrated in there....Pam Gracia from "Soft in the head" Cathy from The Chedwick Co.(right here in Ct. too) Sharon from Mustard Seed Primitives, Tracy from Cedra....Nicole Sayer...Oh LOAWDY....Im so incredibly proud of so many of these artists..too many to list right now, but inspiration GA-LORE!

I sure hope everyones been enjoying the beautiful weather weve been blessed with. Im spending as much time outside as I can...I dont have to slave in the kitchen for supper tonight...were gonna be enjoying left over ribs & chicken for awhile!


Tina said...

So very glad you had such a wonderful holiday. God is Good!!!!
Love your cute lil goodies as well. What a talented encouraging lady you are. Hope those thumbs heal soon.

Renna said...

I adore your creations, Kat; you are so very talented!

My daughter told me she played a sword-fighting wii game with a friend recently, and the next week, neither of them could barely use their right arms! ;-Þ