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Monday, February 6, 2012

Well Looky at whos back!

And I come draping in amends. I have been MIA. Ive been so caught up & busy with beautiful people, places & things, AND have been throwing pictures,quickie comments on Facebook that Ive sadly neglected what I used to enjoy so much which was "Blogging" I sure make time for Bravo TV w/ the rediculous addiction I have to The Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, Senior vs Junior, & Mob Wives!

Im sure Ive lost respect after that confession!
Thats ok  I let my haters become my motivaters...

O MANNNN Did I actually say that?

 Dont judge me, I aint been right since we got this CrAzY kitten "Gino" who has robbed me any brain cells I may have had to begin with....
Ginos another story for another time...
I digress~

Im such a lover of best selling books, anything literary, documentaries, stories of inspiration & yet Im sure to be found stretched out on my sectional sofa stitching away with these Reality shows on.

So Ive made the commitment to get back to whats really important to me which is blogging.
 So after 10 months of unbelieveable blessings, miracles, & gifts raining down on us, that would require a keflar umbrella...where do I begin?

You tell me...
Being nominated for The very protegious "Push Cart Award" for the story I wrote about growing up & still living with Learning Disabilities for "Recovering The Self"

or how about my husband & I who have been blown away by being reunited with his 2 beautiful adult daughters after 19 years?
 now have another adoreable & precious newborn Grand daughter?
 (Thank you Facebook)
orrrr.....Coming out of the dark after a very scary & painful depression a new person celebrating every breath I take?
or nooo I know.... heres a "real" miracle.
Sit down yall....
you good?
Ok, my husband ACTUALLY has a cell phone & hes prepared to use it...
and there it is!
My name is Kat & I live with a texting monster.
Hi Kat!
It was charming at first bearing witness to he & his daughters texting back & forth a bajillion times a day...
yeah, not so charming when he texts me when hes sitting on the same sofa as I am asking me to get him a coffee!!!!!
I am still rehabing from a third & very painful intense thumb surgery I had on Aug.31st. I am still working hard twice a week in Physical Therapy. And am a little nervous because Ive got a nerve sitting directly under the skin that when touched or accidently rubbed (from a winter coat, gloves, etc) makes me feel as if Im being tazed & electricuted at the same time. I also have issue with a new clicky thingy which pops like a soft knuckle every time I turn my wrist. Im relying on my faith & my new Orthopedic Surgeon who is considered a Hand Savant in the country! (aint to bad on the eyes either)

The new kitty Gino? (Thank God for Therapy)
He causes me facial twitches & I sound like Ive got Turettes Syndrom from the bloody flesh wounds he attacks me with.
Im still very involved with creating, painting, but the dollmaking has been very slow with my issues at hand. (excuse the pun)
So since this is alot to share, Ill close now with adding a few pictures of said blessings & miracles.
I thank you if youve stopped by, I am looking forward in sharing my journey of  art, family, friends pets & of course sobriety.

Ronnie & I.♥
Sammy & Matt at their baby shower.
Ronnie in all his joy.♥
Savanna & one HAPPY Gramma♥

Sam & Savanna.♥
Ronnie & Christine.

Daddy Matt & our lil Peanut.♥
Our very grown up & fashionista Natalie.♥
AND last but not least Diablo..I mean Gino!


Renna said...

Well, it's about time! ;-)

Seriously, so glad to see you return to blogging....not that I don't thoroughly enjoy reading your (often hilarious) facebook posts.

I CRACKED up at Ronnie texting you on the couch to get him coffee. LOL, me thinks you've created a monster. ;-)

NancyD said...

Welcome back Kat! So nice to read your post and see that you have so many blessings in your life. Looking forward to more posts..soon! :)

Kat said...

Thank you so much for your comments. husband... you know my hands are full right? you HAVE to after some of the stories youve heard about him. He says its me but we know the real truth. :) Nancy, Thank you as well for the smile, I just adore your blog. :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

YAY!!!!!! Welcome back, Darlin'! I've missed you!!
What wonderful photos!!! If you look real close at that last photo, you can see tiny horns on the top of his head. **giggle**