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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Ohhh it was hard kissing this sweet baby goodbye tonight...(Savanna, not my husband) I will be boarding a train tomorrow morning veeery there should only be one 6: o clock on the clock & it shouldnt be in the morning..... to go on vacation by myself.
Ill be sure to post pictures & more details of my journey when I return.
 Dont know exactly when Im coming home, probably a week or so. I have been dreaming of a vacation by myself for awhile now. I need to do some thinking, some writing, some reflecting...some decision making about so many areas in my life.

I wrote out a very detailed "husband friendly" grocery list for Ronnie. He promised me he'd follow it & not spend $130.00 on only Koolaid, bologna, Little Debbies & any cereal certain to turn his milk blue! :)

I look forward in coming home with some much needed clarity & balance so I may continue working on my book Ive been writing for months now.  My editor reassured me that Id have his complete support & guidance upon completion for Publication. Im also taking another writing course which is intense but I look forward to the challenge of it. I  have a speaking engagement scheduled in New Haven in early March which I am so excited about, & then will be meeting with the Director of a treatment facility & Grant writer, to hopefully begin a program for women in recovery.

I figured if I was going to take all of this on, Id better take some time for myself.

Ive got a suitcase jam packed with a variety of way too many clothes (Im sure),  my carry on is ready with my I-Pod, my Droid, & Laptop...a brand new hard cover novel, my journal, & new camera....
I am sooo ready.

I am curious as to how long my recent journey with being a vegan will last while on vaca. It surely wasnt something I planned on, I "was" a red meat lover, & chicken? well lets just say the chicken community would FEAR the Nicotera Household.

 We love us some chicken!

But last Thursday night while eating a delicious pot roast dinner I worked so hard on, I saw my life flash before me when I choked on a piece of meat.
 My husband was upstairs playing video games on his new Flat screen TV & was planning on eating after he killed the last bad guy. I was starving & Opie, Gino, & I decided not to wait.
 I couldnt believe how fast it happened.
Ive never choked on anything like this before. My eyes immediately began tearing, I could feel the pounding of the veins in my neck & forehead...I realized this wasnt going down on its own & began taking the stairs 2 at a time...

Dang I can move when I want to!

The whole trip up the stairs in slow motion I might add, of ALL the things I could have been panicking about, Im thinking....
 well son of a Bi#%H.....

 I live thru heroin addiction,
 cocaine addiction,
 being non responsive to Interfuron Treatment for Hepatitis C...
 an assault AND a mugging...
AND Im gonna be taken out from a piece of POT ROAST????

When I told my son about this near death really it was...
he promised that he wouldnt let me be taken out like that & he would lie to my other family members & friends & keep my "choking to death" a secret & he'd make something up with a little more integrity... like I was hit by a car while trying to save a puppy or something....

I love that man....

But I digress.
So as Im flying upstairs, probably the thumping motion of my High Stepping pushed the sucker down. I didnt need to interrupt my husband hoping hed stop playing long enough to perform some much needed Heimleck relief to my sorry ass. But when he saw my swollen red & tear streaked face.....he actually put the joy stick down! With that look of horror on his face I know so well that says "Dang babe, what the hell did you do?"

I may or may not have a history of having CrAzY stuff happen to me.

Naturally I burst out in tears from fear? relief? feeling so stupid? I dont know, just pick one....
When I woke up the next morning, my throat was so sore, everything including liquids hurt going down. Im not sure when it happened but I knew with everything that I have that I wouldnt be eating meat again anytime soon.

Which is absolutely rediculous since I could choke as easily on a cough drop, or vegetable...but today is day 7 & I am still morbidly RePuLsEd by the thought of any meat touching my lips. I have also been chewing my fruits & vegies into liquid form to make sure they also travel safely down my gullet!

My ever supportive husband said "Well honey I feel for ya but I hope youre not gonna make me go on this vision quest of vegetables only.... you KNOW Im a meat & potatoe guy"

No worries Beloved....
I have remained committed to my wifely duties & wedding vows & have cooked your meat & potatoes every night since.
So I am really excited about my adventure tomorrow. I am looking forward in relaxing, enjoying & embracing the time with my inner BFF.
I wont be watching "Unstoppable" with Denzel as a  TrainConductor trying to stop a runaway train until Im safely back in my nest!
Thank you for stopping by & may we never take any moment for granted.
and remember....CHEW YOUR FOOD!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Wholly freakin' crap!! Kat! How scary! But you managed to turn a frightening situation into a story that even made me giggle a little. Darlin', the good Lord above has too much for you to do. He needs you here with us. ♥
Have a wonderful time on your vaca! Have fun, take lots of photos and stay away from all cuts of beef.
:> )

Renna said...

Kat, I know we have guardian angels, but with your life, I'm betting you have a whole slue of them! Seriously, you must wear each one out, forcing him to take a break and call in for back-up!

As to that feeling of terror experienced by one choking, I KNOW of what you speak. I, too, have experienced that, and it really is terrifying. You realize you are very close to death. No one ever really takes it seriously when you share the store later. I've gotten a lot of "hmm..really? wow." deadpan comments when I've shared my experience. I don't think anyone realizes just what it's like unless they've had it happen to them.

My experience didn't prompt veganism, though, as it was a TRISCUIT that choked me. To this day, I will not eat a Triscuit if I'm home alone. I also will not eat ANYthing unless I have a glass of water nearby.

Changing the subject, but I can see a big change in your writing style since you first began blogging; not that it was bad before, but now it's much more polished. You're doing good girl, and God has much more for you to do here, so stay away from the pot roast! ;-)

Renna said...

PS-After several terrifying seconds (that seemed like hours) of flailing my arms and pointing to my back, Hubby finally figured out I needed the Heimlich. He saved my life.