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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New England Blessings

My Toddler in Crime "Nat" is coming this weekend...Can we get a WHOO HOO?

Shes sportin her new denim jacket I made her last spring...Nampa...who Nat has decided... on her own one day to just up & change his name (maybe to protect his innocence) to "Pop Pop" who btw is finally scheduled AGAIN....for hernia surgery this Thursday, so as sore & gooned up as Im sure hell be, Nurse Nat will be exactly what the Dr. orders for smiles, & healing.

I cannot wait to see the kids & exchange presents with them for our belated Christmas. Nats Unca...Jordan & Tee Tee NoNo will be here as well. Unca will be here after he gets out of work at his NEW job...working for his favorite Car Dealership as in house Service Mechanic....oh dreams do come true dont they?

Rons surgery was cancelled last Thursday because of the 2 feet of snow Conn. got slammed with. This is a nightmare were both looking forward in seeing end.

This man is incredible...he is somehow pushing himself to work half days & all snow storms which hes out attending to as I type. Last week when he was out with his crew of 4 CrAzY guys who adore him, & had been out for 14 straight hours, he came home to dig us out... and he wasnt alone...he brought re-enforcements....these guys hopped out, grabbed 3 blowers,2 shovels, sand,& salt (looking & feeling exhausted) & all took charge & insisted Ron come in & warm up, recharge... but the Crew Pit Boss wouldnt hear of it.

Im so incredibly grateful to these hysterical & funny guys who had me belly laughing at their banter & teasing one another.
Im pretty sure not one of them would hop onto my Dollmaking/family/housewifey/writing/Blog to see how thankful I am to each of them...but stranger things have happened.

So Thank you Dan, Mark, Matt, and Dave.♥
Me? I attempted to go out before they got here & shovel...hackin up what felt like a lung...couldnt move with snow up to my thighs..I threw the shovel on the deck, came in & did what any sane, snowed in housewife would do...I made a hot egg & cheese sammy with Texas Pete Hot Sauce & spent the afternoon with The REAL Housewives of Atlanta!

Last night we were gonna have left over spaghetts, but since I am beginning to feel better from this Pneumonia, I decided to spice it up in the kitchen & give "The Pioneer Wife" Ree Drummond a little stiff competition... One fiesty redhead to another....& I so did!
I made these delicious ranch dipped parmesian/toasted onion/breaded chops.

Off the charts.
Mashed up some sweet potatoes & green beans & both Opie & Ronnie were lookin at me with eyes of wonder & love, love, love.
Watch out Ree, there may be a new sheriff in town!

I posted a picture of this months beautiful issue of "Recovering The Self" a Journal or Hope & Healing. The cover is exquisite, the articles just mesmerizing. Stories, poems, experiences, victories, overcomers & opening dialogue. I am simply humbled to be a part of each issue.

I shared the picture of Ronnie reading my article because his enthusiasm for what I write just overwhelmed me....My husband is alot of wonderful things but a reader???? ummmmm... not so much.
Not unless its got Harley parts, welding news, or Mixed Martial Arts ultimate fighters in to see him sitting here intensly reading each sentence WITH his Bass Master Fishing Magazine waiting for him & he read this first?????oh heart of mine be still.


Im also very excited to share that I was offered a new position as a Recovery Coach at the same Treatment Facility that helped save my life many years ago...A grant for this position was written, & now because of the funding, there are several requirements I must participate in, in order to meet these requirements. I have already attended an all day, very intensive training day & have become a member of the Patient Advocacy Group for NAMA... National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery.

Next is filling out apps,letters of ref. an interview & drug testing..bring THAT on... Im locked & loaded with so many helping me thru this nerve wracking process. thumb surgery wont be happening for a couple of months so I am able to begin my new career without any immediate surgery dates comprimising or complicating any of this...

God is just blessing me & pushing me outside of my comfort zone to follow His will for me. Hes NEVER said no to me, so how could I? its not about me...not even about the high risk patients Ill be supporting..its ALL about Him!
In honor of all of my blessings, children, family, & opportunities Ive dedicated this entire month to designing & creating "Angels" I know Gods assigned me a birage of them & they dont always have wings.
My newest angels name is HOPE which I though very appropriate.

Before I close on a very personal note Ive thought carefully about replying to a comment left here, but feel I must. I will only reply this once & then moniter each future comment to avoid that which doesnt belong here. We are not victims, we are Victors in the name of our Heavenly Father.

...Attn. T.O.C. You do have family. You have chosen to publicly & privately denounce & now demote me to your "half sister" & have vehemently vowed to keep me out of your life.
It saddens me but respect your choice of this very long journey.
I love you, I continue to pray for your protection, recovery & peace. Sometimes we need to let go & let God do for us what were unable to do for ourselves. You are tucked tightly & closely in my heart & I pray that Peace & Grace happen for you...for us.

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