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Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy December!

Not for nothin but Im thinkin I should probably ask Santa to bring me some Dove Self Tanning Cream for my legs so I NEVER take another picture like the one on the header of my Blog! What in tarnation was I thinkin?

Opie was tanner than those gams Ive got crossed!

Sorry but I "just" noticed & Im sure if you never have I just put the spot light onto if all yall have
been losin sleep cuz of my white legs!
RTS must have... because Im so grateful they didnt use THIS picture for the Oct cover.

So here we are into another December & Christmas fast approaching (yeah I use Merry Christmas in my verbal & written greetings) I aint skeert.....although I probably should be after the article I just submitted for Aprils upcoming issue....I wrote about my experiences on...& here it comes....Methadone. Im really not "tryin" to ruffle anyones feathers, but just hoping to open some dialogue...that may or may not, it is...very contraversial. Not wanting to change anyones mind but to share my path while on it & while its far from perfect, it certainly was for me. Especially without health insurance, it was my only hope to utilize not just the medication but every available resource they offered to myself & countless others.

"People may not remember what you say but theyll always remember how you made them feel."

When I was taking this medication, I was literally shunned, shamed, & shut out...of the 12 step community, the medical community, etc. I never want anyone to feel as dirty as I did while trying not to die & seek the help I desperately needed.

So dat be dat...I got a life..... & Im preparred to use it!

Ronnie & I went out to buy or Christmas tree Friday night & hell say "we" but "I" decorated it...he watched MMA Ultimate fighting...he did put on the lights....& I may have warned him that if he got in my way we'd be having a little throw down ourselves... he'd be tapping out, not me...He told me not to threaten him with a good time...

I had a blast decorating although tucking all the little ornaments carefully on the tree that my mom made or my sister who celebrates Christmas in heaven, made me a little teary eyed this year. my oldest son turned THIRTY years old last week!!!!!!! & Ive got a couple of his favorite old ornaments we'd save for him to put on....BAAAUUUGHHH! Lordy it feels as if he was 6 five minutes ago.....but I happied "up" when I put our real star on our tree....I cut out a picture of our Nat Nat giggling & put it in a cross stitch mini frame, tied a prim bow on top & put her top center...right where she belongs.

I included a couple of pictures of Natalie & Nampa. Here I was worried the Dora doll we brought her would out shine me.... but NOOOOOOOOOOO it was her & Nampa, her buddy, her reading padner, her horsie to ride, her best friend to feed imaginary "air" food to...over & over...& over again...that kinda diet would put ole Jenny Craig right outta business...AND I wouldnt have it any other way.

They are clearly 2 peas in a pod.

We are still on a high from each & every sweet & funny face she made or kiss she gave us...or diaper "I" changed...dang I still got it!

We have become certifiable "idiot" Grand parents...bragging, repeating stories, showing pictures, & are now not just our friends any longer...but our victims.

Were expecting some snow today, supposedly Waterbury is getting it now & their only 25 minutes away from us...Im sooo excited, Im going to bake some Christmas cookies & wrap some presents.

Enjoy your week, & thank you for stopping by being a part of my babbling, sharing & yes exercizing my rights to be an "idiot" Grandma with white legs!


Renna said...

The pictures of you and Ron with Nat are darling! You make grandparenting look like so much fun!

I wasn't aware that the 12-steppers looked down on those who weaned themselves on Methadone. How sad to be judged for doing what you needed to get back on your feet, and well and whole again. :-(

All your little pretties you create are so adorable. They must make your home feel full, with so many 'created' little faces about the place. I thank God that you were delivered from your addictions so you can utilize the creativity He placed within you, to bring joy to yourself and others as well. Mostly, I thank Him for keeping His hand on you even when you didn't know He was there!

Ernest Dempsey said...

Happy Winter Kat! I hope our dolls are snuggled in their place and enjoying the snowy view out teh window :)

Rose said...

You make me smile.