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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Abundant September

Thought Id enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee with you on this perfect fall like September day.

Ive been working on some really cute but stubborn punkin head dolls.
This heres Earleen, (thanks to Peanut from Countryfolk Keepsake) I was birthing her when we were anxiously awaiting the hurricane Earl who missed us but took away our heat wave... & Peanut suggested I honor her after Earl...& after seeing how our hair styles are similar.. (mine & Earleens not Peanuts)I mean some folks hardly know if Im comin into or outta a hurricane on most days....
Ive got 8 more neked bodies awaiting my attention, theyre gittin kinda ornery just layin on my table...just waiting & awaiting like Ive signed em up for some nudist colony wanting them to hang their little freak flags.
And speaking of flags....(Giggle)
Ive also been having some fun painting some prim flags... not to worry, I am fully clothed....then I stitch em up w/ batting inside & embellish em with some stripes & stars & rather than use a dowel to attatch them, I use a long branchy kind of twig outside. They are really cute & sell really well. Ive painted some pumpkins on them, some salt box houses & a couple of crows-n-sheep.
Im so grateful to share that since my last blog post, my husband has been called back to one of his jobs that he subcontracts out to AND has been working every weekend restoring a sweet 67 Mustang for someone needing a welder & body guy!
That would be him....:)
Ive also been so busy, I completely forgot on Sept.3d I celebrated my 7 year clean & sober a ride.
Much to be thankful for.
I sure wasnt even living close to the beautiful, bountiful, spoiled life Im blessed with today.
So thank you... to all my family & dear friends who cared enough to support, encourage & love me when I havent always been the most loveable.
And of course, I am emotionally & forever grateful to God who plucked me up from the bowels of the earth cuddling me, healing me, & promising me that this was only the beginning.
So yes, I celebrate this very abundant September.
Thank you for stopping by & sharing a cuppa with me..Im just tickled with joy that you stopped by....


Renna said...

I love seeing your artistic endeavors, Kat. You have such amazing talent, and I love the whimsy in your creations! :-)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi sweet Kat, I hope all is well with you. My lil Bloggie is back up and running for a fresh new year :)

Love looking at all your lil creations...