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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy May....

Ive been so busy lately...
Ronnie & I went on an emergency trip to Jersey to help the kids out a little bit, since my DIL Lana was in the hospital for a serious infection.

We went up on Sunday morning & came home Tuesday evening.

So in between caring for her, & the house, we were happy our son was able to go up & visit Lana, run a thousand errands, we snuck in a few shots...God how can you fit sooo much love into one heart for a little girl? Natalie is simply our pride & joy.

Gratefully Lana is home & healing well celebrating her first Mothers Day today.

So before leaving for Jersey, I was struggling with needing a little off to Joannes I went...

I blatantly broke every rule & commitment I made to remain focused on our new budget...and I did....


I walked into....


I am a weak, weak woman.

I did legally need some new supplies, especially paint after using so much on the Virgin Mother restoration project...& I wanted... not necessarily needed... new fabric for a couple of new dolls, a bird, & 2 new angels Im making, but I broke every rule known to man when it came to the fabric dept.....thankfully I had coupons.
I also needed a new quilters cutting wheel...I had a coupon for 50% off so I only ended up having to fork over $10.00 for that..WHEW!

I was sweating profusely when in line while cashing out because my husband was giving me kudos for being his little "Betty Bargainer", & I was silently praying to all that was Holy to make him stop...The guilt was over whelming....Im thinking what a great husband he is....

OR "IS" HE??????

Wildman had done a little rule breaking of his own...

While I was going from aisle to aisle in shopping like a drunken sailor...HE was in the GAME STORE!!!!!

doing a little relapsing of his own...buying 2 new WII games.

So we pathetically hung our heads walking back to the truck, & after justifying, rationalizing, & came to terms that our temporarily insanity plea, we agreed we both broke under the pressure of our past 3 month diligent budget we recommitted, & pinky promised wed be back on track....NOW.

What would I do without him?

I painted this project from a pattern I played with from Rene Mullins, I just LOVE her work. I sewed 2 fabric tags on the top, made room for a large twig/branch & hung it in my kitchen...I used duck cloth that I treated with gesso then stained painted & sealed...I am pretty happy with it. I LOVE anything celebrating our US soldiers.

Last we never forget.

Today Im going to be working on a paper clay bird I actually sculpted for the first time...& shes adoreable but goofy as ever...I sweetened her up with some of the new fabric I bought while on my little stint on "Girls Gone Wild" in Joannes.

Im also working on 2 angels of healing Im making for 2 courageous women who are battling breast cancer. In their 60s...These women deserve a surprize to lift their spirits...Youd never know what they were enduring if it werent for their wigs you realized wasnt their own hair styles.

Ill post these angels of healing honoring Breast Cancer when Im done with them.
So off I go to enjoy my Mothers Day....Hope you do the same.
Thank you for stopping by...I JUST love it when you come to visit.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Kat...that was me that friended you on FB.


Renna said...

I know what you mean about losing all control in JoAnn's Fabrics. I love that store, but rarely get to go in one, as the nearest one is a couple of hours away. Even when I do go, it's on a trip to Dallas with Hubby, so I'm always aware that he's waiting for me, even though he insists I take my time, and I feel too pressured to really enjoy the experience. At least our little podunk town finally got a Hobby Lobby last year, so that's something! ;-)