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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Gratitude... Grateful for each of you who prayed healing over my crumbling life....Thank you from that deep, personal place where no one goes or knows but God...I thank you!
Look at these adoreable first graders...their sporting glasses with 100 on them because yesterday was 100 days of school so far this year!
Ohhhh Gosh I wanna adopt each of them. How precious are we all, as we wear the honorable title of being Children of God?
Pauline my assistant worth her weight in gold....and of course I bought them lolly pops for Valentines Day after their lunch wave...I wore these great boinking fur, and sequinned hearts, on my head, meant for the kids but 4 of the male teachers & 2 anger managers thanked me for reminding them of Valentines Day! SLACKERS I tell ya!

Look at this wonderful clock the kids made to hang in the kitchen. I asked the art teacher for some of their art work to inspire some student morale...ohhh Ive got so many ideas my head hurts! The principle just loves my efforts and continues to stop by to thank me.... No, thank you for believing in me.

I have been so busy living the life youve all prayed me into. Thank each of you and of course thank God....

Welcome to my life as a certified crazy "Lunch Lady" in one of thee toughest but misunderstood schools in the State of Ct.!!!!

Some of these photos are self explanatory, my cash register where I stand every day, twice a day for brekky and lunch, serving 188 of the most promising kids. I say promising cuz with prayer, great commmited staff (which they each have) and hard work, they will blossom into wonderful young adults. I claim promise over them, and refuse to label them as high risk..I mean look at the one labeled loser, junkie, thief, high risk, menace to society, at one time...writing this....The devil IS a liar, coward and thief!

I recieved a beautiful Valentines Day cards from Shemiaha who was supposed to make one for her foster Mom but fought "hard" with her teacher to make it for me instead. How long ya spose before the water works stopped after getting that?

yup mascara shot to hell.

My assistant blessed me with a card expressing her appreciation for me and my efforts....a box of heart shaped candy, and a funky pen with a fluffy fur piece on the top of the red lips that lit up each time you write with it!

Then this morning...I was blown away as putting on my make up and up comes Ronnie with a HUGE old childlike grin on his face, carrying thee most beautiful bouquet of red roses AND a card!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!! How saweet? We havent celebrated Valentines Day in years...did I say Y-E-A-R-S!!!!

Ive been so busy loving life to the fullest right now and Im on Vacation for winter break all this week. Man am I gonna create, and decorate. Its the one thing besides the luxury of time I miss so much by not being able to design, create, or be a part of so many of you who have been with me when I was close to losing it all.

Here I was thinking I was having a break down and I was having a break thru!

I sometimes wonder what the heck I ever did to deserve this much joy? peace? gratitude? blessings and miracles. Im not going to analyze it, but folks I am strapped in, cuz man this rides been a trip and a half.

I am overwhelmed with the Presence of Jesus. He has richly blessed me with solutions, oppertunities, friendships, restored relationships (One with Jesus & myself most precious)

Im planning a trip to "get this folks" AKRON OHIO!!! in June for a huge Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day Conference, where Im going to be meeting some of the most amazing men and women Ive met online, in a recovery forum that have taken me under their wing and remained open to support and encourage me during my said "Breakthru" since last June when I met them all online. Phenomenal Hero/sheros that continue to amaze me with thier spirits of grace and excellence and theyre all as funky and colorful as...well all of you! LOL.

I never thought it possible after being lead to all of you, that my life could possibly become any more rich with friendships in my life...thats what I get for thinking huh?

anyway...Ill never be able to express or give back what some of you have done for me...I am however prepared, and excited, open, to pay it forward the next time I meet someone as outside of the box that I am,

and try and bless them the way youve all loved on me.

This week after I restore some order after working 56 hours a week to this poor house...Im going to be sewing my heart out..painting a prepped totebag for work, loaded with huge whimsical flowers and angels.... a stool to paint for my cash old frying pan I bought at a flea market last year to give the kitchen some whimsical "pop" and a couple of primitive bunnies and dolls to make and try to sell.

Ohhh and can I share with you how excited or ready to explode I am about my ...OMG I love saying "GRAND DAUGHTER" were crazy with excitement for her arrival in late June...Her name is Natalie Josephine! Natalie is my DILs Moms name who lives in Russia and of course Josephine is my Moms name....

I must take some time this vaca to seek help in G.A. nooo not gamblers anonymous...Grammas Anonymous. I have become hands down a "Grammie Monster" LOL Ive got patterns, fabric, cross stitch bibs, booties, all in soft pink and mint green and butterflies for this lil princess.

I will honorbaly be referred to as G.G.(Glamorous Grammie) and Ronnie is O.G. (Old Grampie!) I call him O.G. for "olde gangsta" but that will be kept a private joke!

Opie and Mr. O'Malley are wonderful, life is good. Life is grande.

Please feel free to click on each photo to see the love of God surround us all!

Old sleepy head "Opie" stickin his head out to see why the light was on....hes a burrower...

in the park today with me & OG...

Well Bleoveds...Im going to include some of my friends and ask for prayers for these precious folks. God already knows their needs. I ask you to please feel free to leave a coment and add your own personal prayer request or praise and Id be simply honored to trusted with praying for any of you. In Jesus' SWEET, Name....I love you all. Kat

Prayer requests....

(((Jon))) in Wales that he find housing & feel peace in his heart & Gods love all around him.

(((Jody))) I have no requests only praises, perhaps to contiue blessing her & using her for everyone she blows away with her love for recovery, God, and family.... I do thank you for leading me to the first Best Friend I have in years. Im a better woman because of having her in my life as a friend, a woman of grace and accountability partner...we can never seperate from each other...we KNOW too much about eachother! Ive never had this much fun loving or being loved by another woman. thank you Lord.

(((John)) in Ct. for his family, peace and miracles, for he and his wife. Healing and supernatural miracles and blessings for all of their needs.

(((Carol)) for her precious Mom who shes preparing to say goodbye to.

(((Thomas))) for your desire to find answers in your Pastoral and music ministry. Let the music play my friend.....I thank god for your friendship and song in your heart!

(((Sue))) that you feel healing in your time of grief. Smoke and hope rising to you for a change. Medicine woman.

(((Tracy)) in Ireland, that you begin to find the peace, confidence, and power you have in the way you live your life with such passion. I pray for the miralce of financial abundnace and may you be overwhelmed with Gods blessings. Healing for the chicken pox!

(((Laura))) that God continues blessing you by touching so many of us.

(((Carl)) that you find your way, your passion for life, and purpous in sobriety while in treatment. Im so proud of you.
(((Bernie))) wasnt on business, flying the flight in New York on the day we lost so many lives. Thank youuuuuuu.
((Trapper"))) all of a couple weeks old. Born a little early, but oh so healthy and beautiful....(((Grampa Bruce))))
((Jill)) Joshies back...Thank you for never allowing her to quit 5 minutes before her miracles was about to happen. mmm families restored...

(((Kat aka Ima))) I pray for all the peace, solutions, and creativity that you so deserve.
(((Kitty))) Whatevers causing her so much heartbreak and confusion, Father guide her and help her to hold on to any or all of us...Never Alone...Tell her lord...PLEASE!!!!

(((Kady)) that you find the job of your dreams and continue touching so many in your community of sobriety. I ask our Father to bless you with peace, abundance and joy, in His faith in you, while you wait on His answers.
(((Peanut, Cookie, Tina, my wild sisters in Christ who never once doubted me...or doubted what You Father were capable of doing in my broken life.
AMAZING GRACE at its finest.....yup, thats what these women are.

I also pray for all the plane crash victims and their families reeling from the grief of that horrible crash.

I thank you Jesus for every woman and man who reads this blog supporting, loving and encouraging me on my journey. I ask that you blow their minds as they follow you, your will and promises.

Please continue to use me in my ministry of feeding your lil and big sheep in our school. Thank you for utilizing my sometimes too large personality, and very unconservative spirit, I always felt was a burden.... to do your will with these children.

I thank you with all I have, all I am,for all youve done with & for me, and Ronnie.

All the friends youve blessed us with.

Simply incredible.

Ohhh Father, thank you for my own children.

And of course I thank you "humbly" for trusting me to become a better Grandmother than I was a mother, with my lil Natalie Jo!


dabeave said...

OMG, Dearest BFF&E......what an honor and joy to see this blog, and to have not only myself mentioned, but to show our special lil gal's photo up there. Brought me to tears, I gotta tell ya. You are one special lady and I couldn't love you more (at least I don't think I could, more will be revealed!!!) I'm soooooooooo looking forward to our face to face meeting, wherever that takes place. The good news is I know it WILL take place in June. Thanks again for sharing you with me. :)

dabeave said...

Ahhhhhhhhh crappola, I knew that I did something wrong, it's Jody, not dabeave, and before your mind goes places it shouldn't, that reference is to Beaver Cleaver who, along with his bleepin family, distorted my image of family life!!! Thanks Beave, Wally, June, not to mention Ward, who couldn't have been more different than dear ol dad. :)

kat449 said...

OMGosh Jodes...Im thinkin Who the Heck????? Who is this perv???? My heart started pounding thinking this is the first time Ive had some wacko post a comment, Im cracking up now!....nope (Just Jody) I should have known you had something to do with this one!!!!
I love you too my BFF&E... Now Im ROTFLMAO...whew!

Tina said...

Hello Dearie! I just can't comment on everything that you've said. I'll I can say is I feel as full as you sound. This post fed me today as I read of victory and blessing and how you truly are someone who understands what it is to be blessed in order to be a blessings to others.
I'm smiling at your life as a ministry and I know God is proud of His precious girl, Kat.


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I am so glad I stopped by this evening I love everything I have read; tickled pink that prayers have been answered and that YOU are walking the walk of The Overcomer!
Always blessed;

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

What a great post darlin'!! Always thinkin' of you. :> )

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Kat, I am humbled and honored by your prayers. I did have the job of my dreams and the home of my dreams, but I just have to hold on to the belief that God has something even better out there for me, even if it's not right away. He DOES restore what the devil has stolen.

My heart leapt with excitement when I read that you were coming to Akron for Conference! Now I live way on the west side of the state, and who knows where I will be jobwise of financially by June, but wouldn't it be great if I could drive up to meet you? Just a thought I am mulling around. I know that conference is also for ACOA's too, of which I am one. However, I really have mostly good memories of my dad. I just hear so much good stuff about Conference! I'm glad you're going to be able to go!

I'm so glad your life is so fulfilling and happy! I pray that it continues to be so, and that you continue to be such a blessing to those darling children!