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Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy March, happy spring, happy happy everything

"The Spring has sprung, the flowers has riz....I wonda where dem boidies is????"

Here they are!!!
I found these lil peeps in my issue of Create N Decorate by Cheryl Wall....what fun to make. I went to town making 22 of these. Some had polka dots, some had hair, some didnt...I brought an Easter basket filled with green grass, loaded with chocolate eggs, jelly beans, & 3 of these chicks for the Clinic where I co-facilitate groups every Friday. This morning I put the basket on the front desk where the patients swipe their ID cards before being medicated & I heard so many ooohing & ahhing this morning, it made me so happy.

I feel bad that I havent been a very good Blogger lately, I have had my hands full with my husband who finally had his second surgery to remove the mesh that his body rejected after his first hernia surgery.
They replaced it, flushed him out & probably changed his oil cuz hes much better now.
In fact the picture I took of him below was only 4 days after his second surgery. He was on his way to his cousins wake & I thought he was lookin purdy dapper!

In fact during his recouperation... or the pain meds, Im still not sure which, but bored him enough that this man FINALLY grew some interest in the internet...his adoreable index finger pecking out greetings...intense staring at the screen gigglin like a fool.... & making comments on....on...HIS OWN FACEBOOK page!!!! OH Mannnnnn....Ronnie has joined the millenium....
Welcome Darlin...
I have created a monster...
Now he wants to tweet!

The other reason for my absence is that I have been facing & dealing with a very serious lung issue & have been seeing a Pulmonary Surgeon who is planning to remove 6 masses that were found on my right lung. Im grateful to say they dont "believe" its lung cancer which runs rampant in my immediate family, AND Im not proud to admit I was a smoker my entire adult life... but we'll know better once this new Doctor examines my CAT Scan & will take a look see with a camera/scope.... do a biopsy & measure these suckers etc...HMMMM Im thinkin Im not all that excited about that prospect but its time to pay the piper...I have lived reckless & irresponsibly.
I blame no one but myself.

The changes incorprated in my life lately which is NOT smoking, eating less... moving more... has made for one crabby Kat!

But I am grateful & want to live to see my Natalie grow up. Be half the wife my husband is to me. Carry the message of hope to addicts needing give back to my patient, forgiving & always loving sons....Ive got much work to do.
I have to change.

"If you want something youve never had before, you must do what youve never done before..."

So now onto more fun things to share....

I finally finished my new commisioned frog I named Angelceena since my friend who ordered her is named Alceen. She asked me to create a frog (which she collects) with her own spirit shining thru & since shes a passionate advocate for surviviors of Domestic Violence, I had a blast making her. I was honored to create this doll since Alceens husband was my counselor while I needed support in my own journey of recovery from addiction & is my mentor today.

The John Sliney design I painted on a pickle jar was for my girlfriend for Christmas & the pillow I cross stitched was for my buddy Lynn from Painting Thyme Needfuls. I lOVE this woman. I met her thru her blog, but now happily make it my mission to try & drive her crazy on FB...she has that effect on me. She is not a victim, she can certainly hold her own & dishes out the laughter and love as well. I am truely blessed.

Im staying focused & busy writing & just submitted my third article to Recovering The Self for Aprils exciting issue. I was asked to write about any disability I had experienced with either personally or professionally. Growing up with learning disabilities in the late 60s & the ignorance & bullying that I experienced & then the acceptance & healing when my own son was diagnosed in the late 80s gave me much to share.

And in closing I would like to congratulate my oldest son for beginning his new job as a Philly Police Officer. Although hes been a New Jersey Police Officer for the past 4 & a half years, Philly requires extensive training, so Monday he hops on a plane for Little Rock Arkansas for 8 weeks. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I know hes excited but its breaking his heart to leave his wife & little Natalie for so long.

Its a beautiful Friday morning & Im off to continue a LARGE painting project for a friend on a canvas tote bag & if any kind of facial twitches are to be would be painting on this bad boy. I need the work, the joy & reason for breathing.

Creative art & friendship provides just that.

May we all be blessed & live our last day as if it "were" our last.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with Scaredy Kat & Her Own Crow...and Ive got MUCH to crow about.

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