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Monday, March 2, 2009

I couldnt wait....

HAPPY SnOwEd in Monday...No school YIPEE!!!!! so I worked on completing the doll I told ya all about. Her name is "Jolyn" She is going to my boss, my mentor at work and dear friend. If you click the piccy, you can better see the lil hairnet I attatched to her redhair...then youll notice the lil pot holder and spatula have major burns on them...on purpous...yup, my boss is a pryo maniac. Probably not one of her finest moments, but absolutely her funniest.
The one day she burned the spatulas plastic handle...mmm you could smell that one for days... and she even warned me to be careful and not to pick it up...huh? what? OOOOOOUUCH!!!!! Thats the problem with working in food service, everythings fast, hard and time for luxuries such as safety...OMG and Im the supervisor!!!!!so I had Ronnie help me create these little burnt offerings. you know Im all about fine detail. Im sure shell get a kick out of it...I hope! I also incorporated a large daisy in her pocket, daisies are especially meaningful because it helps her feel connected to her "Gram" who isnt with her in the physical sense, so I wanted it to touch her with a little sentimental value as well as comedic memorabilia.
Jolyn has been and continues to be my angel at work, so I thought it appropo that she have her own little reminder that shes not the only one who touched lives. She has surely touched mine with education, guidence, support, encouragement and much laughter. Thanks for allowing me to share Jolyn with you. Ill be seeing her tomorrow, Ill let you know how she liked her. But for now, ive got some serious snow to shovel!!!! Happy Monday ALL!!!

Jolyn busy cuping soup while i was training.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Kat!! LOVE your Jolyn...she sure is sweet!!

Those tote bags you made are wonderful that you made those!! I am so glad you are doing well and are liking your new deserve the best of everything!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinkin' about ya. :> )

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Haven't seen a new post from you in forever. Hope all is well with you!


BittersweetPunkin said...'re a working girl now so throw us a crumb every now and then...ok?

HUGS, Miss ya